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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Showcase 1: Nate Giorgio & The Bradford Exchange

There are only a handful of artists who have had the honor of painting Michael, but there is one who stands tall among them:  Nate Giorgio.  Over the past 25 years, we have come to know Mr. Giorgio as simply Nate.  The mere mention of his name and we visualize his art.  Nate's artistic ability has captured the innocent essence of the man we have adored for decades.  What else do we know about his art?  Let's take a closer look!

The Official Michael Jackson Opus allowed us another unique opportunity to view Nate's talent, a little HIStory of the story behind only a handful of pieces he created for Michael, and even new pieces to admire with the clamshell cover and chapter openers throughout the book.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be showcasing some interesting facts, links to Nate's sites, and who knows-- maybe a few little surprises.

First up:  The Michael Jackson Tribute Collector Plate Collection  exclusively through The Bradford Exchange

Features images from original artwork created by a favorite artist of Michael Jackson's, Nate Giorgio, in 1989, and approved by Michael himself

Originally commissioned in the late 1980's, this collector's plate is officially approved by the Michael Jackson Estate, as indicated on the second picture on The Bradford Exchange's site, carrying the logos of MJJ and Bravado. 

For MJ fans and plate collectors alike, this is certainly a must-have.  Be sure to order yours today!  (Here)

Trivia:  What did Michael himself add to this original art piece in 2009?

Hint:  Check your The Official Michael Jackson Opus.

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  1. Hi Cali!!! Welcome Home! ♥

    LOVE this plate!! (and now I have to go check my Opus for the answer to the trivia question! LOL)

  2. Oh! Got it! Michael wrote a note to Nate and signed it!

  3. WOO-HOO....He added his autograph!!!! 320!

  4. ..."to Nate Giorgio, you are truly a gift to this planet...your always...MJ..."....

  5. Well another guessing game!What would it be the prize?
    Maybe a Nate Giorgio print that Kraken couldn't afford?
    A hint is in Opus?How i would love to have right now that
    TOUCH AND TURN DVD!!!Opus is too heavy and here is too late to open it!
    Well my guess is that mr Giorgio is watching(and hope not LaToya)and a print for 'late ones' is waiting for them.
    Much love to everyone and have a good night or day!

  6. LPPC WINS! You're absolutely correct my dear.


  7. Whoops-- I didn't get all the messages in order... PattiAnn WON that one! by 4 minutes! lol

  8. @Volos! You're a stinker! lol

    First, you do have your Opus silly! So you could have looked that up even if it's heavy. I just put mine on the table and open it that way.

    Second, Nate doesn't have anything to do with the Reality stuff-- so poo poo and Kraken doesn't have anything to do with this quiz.. or the surprise for you all.

    You're a silly goose Volos! LOVE to you too! Nite nite

  9. Patti won!...cause I was lost on page 309 and she told me it was page 320!...haha!!!...she openned it first!....woo-hoo!!! ;)

  10. Woot Woot! What do I win? LOL! :)

  11. lol @ LPPC-- lost on the wrong page. HA! Sounds like PattiAnn was trying to trick you!

  12. Hey! I didn't try to trick her! Granted.. I didn't tell her what page it was on til I posted first.... but didn't trick her! LOL ♫

  13. haha!!!!!!!!...we were all trying to figure out where the plate paint was...and I had my Opi over my knees, on my lap....and so Patti told me the page, cause I was lost on page 309!...
    I will have my Opi at hand from naw on !!!...haha!!

  14. lol @ LPPC! Me loves ya sweetie! Well, you should have the Opi handy-- but also, some future trivia will be found on the internet too..

    Stay tooned! giggles

  15. G'morning everyone! ♥

    I have been LOST and DREAMING on Nate's site... OMG.. have you seen the MJ prints for sale on there!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I have been staring at Stardust... lost in his eyes! ...*drools*...

    And can't decide which of the ink sketches I would choose if I had to pick only one to buy.. I want them all!! And the sheet music one... LOVE IT!! haha.. Greedy Patti!.... and now I have to hurry to get ready for work.... LMAO! totally lost track of time... dreaming and wishing! haha!

  16. LOOK girls!!! You can get lost in his eyes too!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    K.. now I REALLY have to go!! LOL.. see ya all later! ((hugs))

  17. Im lost in his eyes !!!!....I have to go to work naw...but I cant!!!...
    Nates just...awesome!!!...its music...owwwwwwwww....
    I also want all the are not alone in your greediness Patti !!!!...
    Well...have to go naw...counting the hours to come back home and get lost in his eyes again!!!
    See ya later !!!!!....LPPC....

  18. hello ladies and nate! LOL

    Cali- thank you so much for posting! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! And you and nate too! very much so!

    Ordered it immediately (about an hour ago but computer wouldnt let me, hope it will now)

    about the trivia- you are all cheaters- i didnt have a chance to even compete as it was the middle of the night for me and had in job interview this morning- got hired!! jeej!

    also about the pic in the opus- would die to have that painting with signature (real) thats why i ordered the mj merch junkie thant i am, i promised myself i would stop buying! till this post- subscibed for the whole collection- im a sucker for pretty mj pics!

    ok gotta go

    ps cali- please add me on skype my dear!!! have something interesting for you!! i think so anyway!

  19. Great Cali, i love the plate!!!

  20. NYTram! Hello!!!!

    I'm so glad you like it. It really is wonderful isn't it!

    Hope you're doing well!
    Much L.O.V.E.

  21. YAY! Chantal, you ordered the plate. You'll have to send us pictures when it arrives!

    Was awesome to talk to you today! Can't wait to talk some more....

    Much L.O.V.E.

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