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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TRIBUTE: Dominquie & Darius - Michael in Me

"A new group from Sacramento called DandD paid respects to the King by writing a hit tribute song called "Michael In Me". They collaborated with Harrison Funk, who was Michael Jackson's personal photographer, and Bernie Grundman, sound engineer on Thriller."

Photo credit: Harrison Funk (c) 2010

This Behind the Scenes Video shows the making of the song in Los Angeles!"

Then go to their MySpace account to hear the whole song.  Tip:  There is a video on the upper part of the page, click the pause button so the music isn't playing while you try to hear the song. 

Be sure to Tweet them what you think of their Tribute:
Dominique @Dominque_Logan
Darius @LifeofDarius

Here's their Official MySpace page with thier Bio and other contact info! 

Thanks Jessica for sharing this!  I LOVE it!


  1. Thanks so much DandD for this tribute to our King !!!!!!!...its beautiful!...
    Thanks Cali for post it !.....

  2. This is great! Thanks Cali! ♥

  3. Thanks for this tribute!!!!
    Cali, thanks for sharing,