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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

C R A Z Y week

First, I must wholeheartedly admit to my dear IACOPs and fellow MJ fans that I miss you so terribly.  Period.  Over the last 9 months, we have truly become a family - and right now I wish you were all with me (well, maybe not-- as you'll see why... lol).  I miss you I miss you I miss you.

Today is the first day I've even ventured near my computer let alone turn it on since my last post and just sitting here, I feel like I am with each of you.  Life sometimes throws us some hardballs, crazy schedules and things we think we will never be able to handle.  It is during those times, one really knows what they are made of.  And of course, what they are not.  This past week has taught me I am not made of invincible steel.  lol  I hope this makes sense because I'm still not thinking clearly but you can take a few days to read it. 

Where do I start- if there is really a beginning to this story.  A few of you know much of my time recently has been caring for a family member.  This is not only taking all of my energy but my time-- which hopefully will excuse my not posting daily as I had through the beginning of the Opus issues.  Family comes first, and each of you are included in my family.  I want you to know that.  Truly.  I have been running to daily medical appointments at the same time trying to keep up with my own life & health, and my pups.  My family made some different arrangements so it would be a bit easier on me and the hope was I would be able to return most importantly to each of you. 

Life had a few more obstacles to throw at me first over the last almost 2 weeks.

Two Fridays ago I woke up with a sore throat and ear ache.  Great!  Just what I needed.  I was still able to do things, but I just didn't feel 100%.  Saturday came and went, which turned into my first obstacle- a week ago, Sunday morning.  My little dog woke up and wouldn't walk, and worse-- would not even touch his food.  Red flag to the highest degree when that one won't eat.  My vet is closed on Sundays so off to the emergency vet I went-- almost in a panic.  He's about 17 years old, so I could only think the worse with how quickly this came on.  After a few hours of watching Animal Planet in the hospital waiting room while pacing back and forth, my nerves shot and a 1/4 box of kleenex, I was told he has a severe (acute) case of hip dysplasia and vertabrae compression with no disk padding.  Totally not what I was thinking when I raced him in there.  He was given two injections, sent home with 2 bottles of pills and instructions to care for him until I could get his normal doctor to see him.  Less than 24 hours for me to wait I thought would be easy enough.

NOT so easy.

Thinking his little tent (picture when I get the energy) would to allow him to rest, I set him up in my room with some soft music and dark as I could get it to encourage him to sleep, especially since one of the injections was a pain medication.  A panic set of barks and yelps came through the wall.  I let him out of the tent and he paced and paced and paced-- well the best he could.  He'd take one step, drop his butt, I'd pick him up help hime walk, he'd try to pace, back down.  Repeat this for 4 days.  No way was he going to sleep and as the days went on-- I found neither would I for the next 4 days.  Every 2 hours almost like clockwork we got up.  Monday came and I took him to his vet who changed his medications because on day two he started vomiting. Great!  Can't give him any food which means no way could I give him his meds.  He was hungry and sick- and in great pain.  Anyway, by Wendesday I was a mess. 

Remember that sore throat & ear ache I woke up with on Friday?  By Tuesday,  I was in Urgent Care and told it was full blown bronchitis-- with the chance it was pneumonia.  I refused the xray because I was sure this was just a case of bronchitis.  Give me my meds, Doc, and let me be on my way.  In between all of this, I was also playing taxi & spokesperson for my family member since we had appointments scheduled every single day for last week and this week too.  No rest for the weary and I'm definitely past weary now.

My dog was still on the 2 hour sleep cycle; I'm taking medicine hoping I'll be able to breathe soon, and running all over creation with appointments-- enter my cough medicine.  For some odd reason, my reaction to it has the polar opposite of what it was supposed to-which was to help me sleep.  Instead, it keeps me wide awake.  When the Urgent Care called to check on me they were shocked to hear I'd been up all night with no sleep whatsoever.  (Now I've had a whopping 4 hours of sleep in 3 days).  So off I went to the pharmacy to pick up my new meds, with my dog in his tent-- back to the vet because he's vomitting across the room and I have to hurry because I still have to go back and go to another medical appointment with family.  I swear if I didn't know time management and how to multi task, I'd be in deep shit.  All I can think of is getting home to take my new medication- because at this point I couldn't take it because of the drowsy effect-- and I was the driver.  Talk about insult to injury.

My dog was getting more sick-- and everything we were trying wasn't working.  The vets were calling me every morning for updates.  I was calling them by the afternoon in a panic because he was getting so sick (and I don't want to gross anyone out)... but everything coming out the back end now was nothing but blood.  Back to the vet for more medications.  Change this, do that-- and we'll just take it day by day.  After 2 days of him finally able to eat, now he can't and in 48 hours nothing but a tablespoon of rice.  His blood work earlier in the week showed him to be in good health, especially for his age so everyone (doc included) was at a loss to know what to do. 

My vet is incredible.  Honestly I think one of the best on the planet.  On his days off, he has regulars who take those days since his hospital is open 6 days a week.  The one that regularly fills in for him is one I've seen a few times before.  Believe me-- you don't forget this guy.  Talk about perfection of a male specimen if I've ever seen one.  (Ok, next to MJ).   In I walk, hair frizzed out, black circles under my eyes, no time (or energy) for a shower & I get to see Dr. Hawtie to talk about exploding poop with blood in it, while I cough & blow my draining nose.  Sweet.  God has a sense of humor and I'm living proof.

By Saturday, things were calming down and I at least got two back to back 4 hour blocks of sleep.  Hey, not a full 8 hours at the same time, but I'll take it.  Made it to the little corner mart for a few items I desperately needed and that just wiped me out.  Sunday I made it to the big market early and stocked up.  Nothing like taking 2 hours to shop because you're so tired you can't think--even with a list.  Wiped out again.  Monday again- start more medical appointments.

At least now, I have the little dog comfortable, a few hours of sleep under my belt--even though now he's waking up at 1am to go outside.  Yesterday at the doctors visit for my family- I broke out in a fever and with only one antibiotic pill left-- let's just say I think I'll be back to *my* doctor today for that X-ray.  I get home, sit down and then get everyone to bed.  3 am rolls around and I'm awaken by vomiting.  Not me or the little one-- now my labrador puppy (whose first birthday is Saturday) is on the floor getting sick. 

Up I get-- take him out and back to bed only to have the little wake up and want out.  Back outside then back to bed.  I'm determinted to get back to sleep.  NOPE.  430am rolls around, I'm still watching TV when the big one gets out of bed and wants out.  Outside we go.  Great.  He's got 'back end' troubles now too.  How many times do I have to tell him not to eat dirt!  I gave him some medicine, some of the little one's rice & chicken broth and decided to just make some coffee, hoping the little one would sleep longer.  He's up.  Back outside-- feed both and here I sit.  Another night with only 4 hours of sleep. 
At least today is the only day I don't have to taxi anyone else around. 

I'm complete out of touch with everything.  So please fill me in on how each of you are, the latest MJ news and if anyone has heard from the Kraken a$$hole in UK.  Yes Karl Fowler, I am talking about YOU. 

I love you all and I hope at least you will get a few laughs out of my craziness.  I'm sure I will when I re-read this in a few days.  I won't remember writing 1/2 of it, courtesy of the cough medicine with narcotics & fever-- but I just had to write you all. 

MISS YOU!  Think of every single one of you- every single day.  Love you


  1. Caliiiiiiiiii !!!!!! are back!!!!!!!!!....we miss you much President!!!...BTW...What a crazy week!!!...I hope all of you could be better soon !!!....
    Here in the IACOP world we just have to tell you...that we missed you soooooo much....and that we...LOVE YOU MOREEEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. Oh dear, what a week! Wish I were closer to be of some help, Cali.I'd be good doing errands -- to the supermarket especially, but all right, will go to the pharmacy as well. LOL! It's really good to have you back ♥ and hope that things will ease up for you even more.

    For now, here's a big dose of the cure-all MJ and the IACOPs are addicted to -- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

  3. Cali dear! So glad to hear from you, even if it breaks my heart to read about all your struggles! Sendning lots of LOVE and get well-wishes to you and the dogs.

    (I thought I was having a tough time today - trying to choose between buying a new Mac or a PC.... Happy you brought me back to earth again, lol.)

    Take care! Rest! ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Hey Cali!!!! It was really a crazy week!!! We miss you...Now, I hope you and dogs better! Much L.O.V.E to you and much cuddling to your lovely dogs. Kisses & Hugs

  5. Oh Cali... what a miserable week! So glad to hear from you...but save your energy for getting better and looking after your doggies and family. We miss you when you are not around, but would much rather have you well.

    I don't think anyone has heard anything from our friend, Karl. I know that I have not heard from ANYONE from Kraken at all... LOL.. you know who I mean! Grrrrrr

    Take care of yourself, sweetie... and.. ummmmmm.... do you think you could get a pic of that perfect vet? and share the eye candy with the rest of us? LOL Love ya! ♥♥♥

  6. LOL Patti !!!!....ummmm....but Im with you !!!...
    Get a pic Cali !!!, Get a pic !!!....we want to see the perfect vet !!!!....eye candy!, eye candy !!!

  7. CALI!!!! I just want to be there with you and give you a BIG HUG, you're going through so much lately... and your sick dog, when his soo old, I can imagine how you felt... (I saw hachiko this last weekend and cry the whol movie because I remember but dog Lenka, who passed away 4 years ago)...

    Now, get some rest!!!! and please get well soon...

    LOVE YOU!!!!