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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our World: Your voice is needed to help others


The official start of the hunting of dolphins started September 1st, despite the worldwide outcry to end this brutal practice. The annual slaughter, which runs through March, traditionally slaughters 20,000+ dolphins brutally in the waters of Japan. Right now, there are activists in Taiji, Japan (the city made famous by the Oscar Award winning documentary "The Cove") who are documenting to the world what is happening. While there have been no known killings so far, 9 dolphins have lost their freedom this week, as they were captured to be sold to dolphinariums somewhere in the world.

While no nation has the right to tell others how to eat, the truly critical aspect of this story is that the dolphin and whale meat, contains dangerously high levels of mercury, which is poisoning those who eat it.  And many in Japan do not even know this is happening.  There is an exhibit at a Tokyo university, with histories on people who had mercury-poisoning in the 1950s in Minamata, Japan.  It runs through September 19th.


Also, PLEASE-- Please take 5 minutes of your day to:
1. Sign this petition  (on Facebook, here) to help stop dophin slaughter. 

2. Share this on your social networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and ask each of your followers to join you in signing the petition  

3.  Please add any of these tags to your tweets on Twitter to help this topic trend globally:  #taiji #dolphins #thecove #savejapandolphins

4.  Read updates on or Google Dolphins in Japan, Mercury poisoning, etc for more information. 

Stay informed.  Use your voice. 
Thank you!

EDIT:  PS:  I read this from another MJ fan's blog, It's all for LOVE.  They have an excerpt from MJ's Dancing the Dream about what MJ thought of Dolphins, "they're killing a dance."  It's definitely worth a read! 
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  1. Thank you for posting this. I will share your info on my blog. I cry every time.

  2. You're very welcome heatherrayne. Thank YOU for sharing it!

    I never thought I could watch the movie, The Cove, but I did. I can't stop thinking about how to help. I know with as many MJ fans as there are in the world, if we all spoke out, we could make some thunder.

    MJ fans should know we can multi-task-- keeping MJ's legacy alive as well as taking on some of the world's biggest problems, like this.

    WE HAVE THE POWER AND THE VOICE TO CHANGE THE WORLD... we just have to learn to use it... together!

    Much L.O.V.E.