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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kraken Opus: Reality for MJ Opus

We have an angel among us in Brazil, who, when Kraken Opus was lurring us with the additional feature of the Opus Reality, made a video of how it worked, using the 2 downloadable OR cards that were once available from Kraken's site.  All of this, as we know, was pulled abruptly from Kraken's site in April.  Even even with 9 months of repeated followups to the highest levels within Kraken Opus, short of going to their investors or Paul Murphy, Karl Fowler has 20,000 (and counting) customers still waiting for the ADVERTISED product that was to accompany The Official Michael Jackson Opus


Please click the SOURCE link to write a response directly on this angel's YouTube page.  She has linked her video as a video response directly to Kraken Opus' video.  Every single fan that reads this needs to respond there.  Kraken Opus will be made aware of this video, if they haven't already. 

If Karl Fowler believes everyone will just forget about this, then he won't do anything about it.  If you are as mad as you all have been telling me for months now... then THIS is the time to say it.  Outloud.  So the whole world can see it. 

Another thing:  The topic of the promised apology gift offered to only a handful of countries- a Nate Giorgio print - that is as likely as the Opus Reality ever going live.  To clear up any confusion: The Artist Edition (AE) MJ Opus sold for just under $500 through Sony Concierge.  The AE MJ Opus *did* include an AUTHORIZED limited edition print, signed by Mr. Giorgio himself (limited to 500).  The *apology* print however, as I have been telling you since February/March, you will never ever get them.  The decision to send those emails promising the apology prints, came directly from Kraken Opus UK-- and- from my phone and email discussions with Karl Fowler- from Karl Fowler himself. 

I don't know how to be more clear about the OR site and the apology prints- but Karl, I'm about ready to post our emails. 
Lastly, there are still a handful of you waiting for either the original delivery of your MJ Opus or a replacement Opus which was sent damaged.  I have sent repeated followups to Karl Fowler and Andy Clay, and neither of have responded.  Since I include your customer information in each of the email lists, my hope was they would organize the shipments to you-- even if they remained silent to me.  I am now hearing from these same fans/customers they still have NOT received their MJ Opus, a few of these customers waiting now since August of last year!  THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, not to mention ILLEGAL in every country.

After all, Karl and Andy Clay (and a cc: to Lara) have everything they need to look up your order AND contact you directly with any questions the following is included:  Customer name, email, country, date of purchase, the order # when supplied to me, and whether it was purchased through Ticketmaster or Kraken Opus directly.  These specific items were the minimum information Andy Clay has needed from me since I began working with him in January of this year.  A few of these customers have been on lists I've sent to Andy since the very beginning-- January/February like the MJ fan from Ecuador.  (not naming names here).

I would like to graciously thank the MJ fans who answered my call for a UK lawyer.  I am overwhelmed at the high level and extremely reputatable legal options available to us.  THANK YOU.
Hang in there.  I know this has been tough on everyone, but patience is a virtue... and in the end, we WILL win.

Much L.O.V.E.

PS.  Coincidence?  One of today's top stories on Yahoo is titled:  Tropical Storm Karl heads to Gulf of Mexico. 
Oh, check out this little nugget of information from June 18, 2009.  (Another article from The Sun) Prince fans who purchased the Prince 21 Nights Opus for $2,100 a pop, might want to take particular attention of this!  The Celtic Opus was delayed last year to August of last year.  Wonder if anyone has gotten it yet.

SOLD OUT?  Hmmm, Karl, you need to fulfill more ALREADY PAID ORDERS!  Fans,  Check it out for yourself here

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  1. I ordered the MJ Opus from Kraken Opus as I thought that they were a company of repute. We have been cheated. First the Opus was overtly delayed and now this. We should all sure Kraken Opus. Frauds

  2. Everyone, please make sure you go to YOUTUBE and comment as well. Click the word SOURCE above and it'll take you there.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this Cali !!!, and thanks so much to our Brazilian angel !!!...
    Brigado !!!!
    I posted my comment IN Youtube page and in the Spanish site...I hope all MJ opus owners take some time and do it the same!
    Love ya sweetie!!!

  4. thank you thank you.

    also, can you believe that KO is showing SOLD OUT?

    HA HA.. I wonder what happened, cause I KNOW for a FACT they didn't sell out!


  5. What about Michael Jackson Opus? Is the book sold out? I couldn't buy the book last year and where I buy the book now? Can somebody help me? I'm very annoying with Opus. They're irresponsible.

  6. To Anonymous:

    What country do you live in?


  7. Sold out?? yeah, riiight! LOL Wonder what Fouler is up to now... thieving, lying crook!

    Heading to YouTube.....

  8. lol.. PattiAnn.

    PS. I did edit the page. Just removed-- no add. Too long.

  9. I ordered my book because of the OR card and did not receive it along w/ my other glove or the photo with fans names signed in tribute to Michael. I have tried contacting information with no such luck. I was sent an email with a password almost a yr ago from Kraken Opus saying my OR card is coming soon, "WHEN".

  10. hey cali,
    i'm just so sad for the others who ordered last year and haven't received their books yet.
    i am very grateful for your help and i hope you continue all these good deeds for our fellow MJ fans.

  11. Done, Cali! Am really getting impatient now...have you chosen which lawyer? when do you see him/her?

  12. First I apologize for my English.

    I come to thank everyone for their support on Youtube and say we're together on this right, which is our ...

    I bought my book on pre-sale September/2009 and received in April/2010, after much complaint.

    Dear Cali, thankssssssssss for the nice words.

    XOXO, Isa

  13. After much contact with fowler, i and many others have realised he is a crook. I and many others dont believe he makes most of these so called books. He just takes the money and when people chase them up, he just uses his threats and fowl lanuage. I look forward to seeing him where he belongs soon. "In PRISON" Warning..... Do not waste your money!

  14. Dear Cali, its refreshing to know that someone has finally stood up to this bully. Fowler is nothing but a crook who uses his knowledge and experience to rip people off. The sooner this man and his company are boutht to trial, the better for everyone. I would like to warn every person who reads this to seriously consider investing money in this company. I urge you to do your homework on this nasty man. He doesnt deserve to be in business........

  15. If you have any reservations in buying any merchandise, first look at Karl fowler liguidation on google. This will make your mind up. I CANT URGE YOU ENOUGH NOT TO INVEST IN KRAKEN OPUS. The company has already gone into liquidation last year, only to start up again the following day. Karl fowler and Andy Clay. You shoud be ashamed of yourselves...........

  16. It looks like the days are over soon for Kraken Opus.....................