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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dance Game Trailer: Michael Jackson The Trailer


Read more about it here.

Kinda looks pretty cool. What do you think?


  1. I heard about this game around 3 weeks ago, but hadn't seen the trailer,, Thanks for sharing,,,,
    I've a playstation 3, so this game will definitely be here on the release date

  2. I've been saying for ages, since they first announced this game, that THIS is what Santa is bringing me this year!! Panicked a bit last week when they said it was delayed to early 2011... but was thrilled to hear that the Wii version is still coming before Christmas! WooHoo!! Guess what I'm doing Christmas night!!!

  3. LOL... Just realized that I was this excited LAST christmas for Santa to bring me my Opus.. and look where that got me! Sure hope it's not a curse... if so, I'll probably pull a muscle! hahahaha! LMAO!

  4. Hey!!!!...but the OPI delay....had also brought our friendship....and net addiction Pattiiiiii !!!!---hahhahahaha!!!!!....

  5. That's true, Velvet! So does this mean Santa brought me all these new friends last Christmas? LOL But..... last years Opus experience just reminded me to make sure 'Santa' checks the package before buying the video game.. to make sure everyhing I need is included! haha! Would be just my luck to be missing some key piece of equipment needed to play this game!!