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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Cove, online for FREE

Check this out-- you can stream the Oscar award winning movie, The Cove, online for FREE.  Go here and watch it as soon as you can!  No excuses.  If you watched the PSA below "My Friend is in Trouble... Right Now", then you can watch The Cove.  It's rated PG-13. 

Also, there is a new blog from a 16 year old young lady named Elora who is in Taiji, Japan to watch what happens there first hand and this girl is taking the world by surprise! She really is amazing.  Her trip is part of her Senior class project.   You can read her daily reports from the eyes of a teenager and watch some of the video she's posting from places she visits, and see her photography.  Today's video is of a beautiful waterfall.  Yesterday, some thoughts after she swam in the waters of The Cove...her own words.

Incredible.  Really.

So far, news from Taiji ("The Cove") is that no dolphins have yet been killed since the hunting season opened on September 1st.  Many believe this is because the month of September is being used by the dolphin trainers around the world to capture new female dolphins for their Sea Parks before any of Taiji's water turns from blue to red, with the slaughters.  It is being said the dolphinariums are feeling the impact of being associated with the slaughters in Taiji, and want to distance themselves as much as possible, therefore an arrangement has been made for no-kill during September.
Therefore your voice is critical and very urgently needed.  Please sign the petition today.  It only takes a few seconds.  Every single signature matters.  Share with your family and friends too!

If you're on Facebook, sign here
If you're not on FB, sign here

Please help the dolphins today.  Visit or for more information and updates. 

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. I saw the cove the day before yesterday and i feel same for the human kind which slaughters one of the most intelligent creatures on this planet.
    I was surprised though to hear from Rick O' Barry himself,that no one of the 'big' animal organizations,such as Greenpeace and WWF,didn't have the guts to raise their voices about this,at least till the moment this documentary was in process.And i really would like to know the reason why?Didn't know about it,or didn't want to talk about it?
    Really it makes me wonder...who to trust these days?
    In the documentary the Taiji town it seems to be the Disneyland of dolphins and whales,to the person who will visit it for the first time.Everywhere statues and paintings of them making you think that this town loves and respects those creatures.But no one of us knew its big secret,till Rick O' Barry and some of his friends managed to capture that slaughter and bring it to the world.
    Now i think is OUR time to raise OUR voices and do whatever it takes to stop this.

  2. A correction same=shame.....sorry!

  3. Cali, I am frustrated. I keep getting the message "video not available." Would you have any idea why?

  4. thank you very much Volos! You're sooooo right-- the time is now for us to use our voices. Together.

    @Lulu-- I just tried it again, and it worked for me. Maybe it's blocked in PI? Or maybe too many were watching it at the times you tried.

    Try again and let me know. OK?

    Much L.O.V.E. to you both (and all)

  5. Thanks, Cali. That's possible. But now I am downloading rapidshare forwarded to me by Mia. Will let you both know. L.O.V.E you and all IACOP more!

  6. Lulu Oh I hope it works!

    Volos, I just re read your post about Disneyland of dolphins & whales-- you're so correct. It does look that way doesn't it?

    So sad. I'm so scared since the end of September is coming quickly. The man on Twitter who is with the fisherman in some capacity, said there is fresh dolphin meat being sold right now to supermarkets-- while the activists watch The Cove-- meaning, more than likely, they are killing somewhere else. SO so sad. Makes me want to jump on a plane-- first to Convent Gardens to visit our pal BB... then to Taiji.

    Oh how I really wish I could. Really. Truly.