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Friday, September 17, 2010

If you're on Twitter, we need your help please

Here are some tweets sent out today, that you could also RT to help bring awareness and SHAME to Kraken Opus for what Karl Folwer has done with the MJ Opus' Augmented Reality.  Feel free to copy and RT, or paste them on Kraken's Facebook page. Make up your own!  Let's get this Augmented Reality issue as well as the Opus books that fans have PAID for and still have NOT gotten issues resolved!

We need everyone's help!  Much L.O.V.E.  Cali

@AlRoker help 20k ppl who purch MJ Opus based on FALSE ADVERT by @KRAKENOPUS CEO Karl Fowler ur 8.12.09 interview @NBC re Augmented Reality

TO @KRAKENOPUS There are still PAID customers waiting 4their MJ OPUS! Send now or REFUND! You've had their $$ for over a YEAR

TO @KRAKENOPUS You also still owe 20,000 MJ OPUS customers the OPUS REALITY portion of our purchases. PUT UP OR PAY US BACK!

#MJFam who purchased MJ OPUS: #FF @KRAKENOPUS and tell CEO Karl Fowler you want your OPUS REALITY & other fans their Opus to be sent!