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Monday, September 6, 2010

NEW iPhone app from Nate Giorgio with Michael Jackson art and audio

Nate Giorgio, yes-- the one and only-- has gone iPhone in a BIG way!

An example of Nate's iPhone talent
(c) 2010 Nate Giorgio.  All Rights Reserved.

Not only does Nate create incredible sketches on his iPhone with his fingertip (showoff! lol) but he has a new iPhone app displaying his Fine Art, with a gallery dedicated specifically to Michael Jackson.  Here are just a few examples:

All photos (c) 2010 Nate Giorgio. All Rights Reserved.

There is an audio clip of Nate and MJ talking about _______ (sorry, not going to spoil it. Get the app!) More art and clips to come, as well as another phone platform too... Android OS.

So be sure to check it out here

This isn't on fansites yet, so go get it and make your MJ friends jealous!

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  1. Hi Cali, dearest friend!! Thank you so much for let me know about Nate new paintings.
    Michael inspire us at infinitum!!

    L.O.V.E. you more!!
    Myrna Ramos
    Mexico, City

  2. You are very welcome dear Myrna! How are you???

    Love YOU more!

  3. Beautiful art, as always!!!,
    Thanks Cali for sharing it

  4. My cell phone contract expired a few days ago... soooooooooo tempting to go into a new contract.. with an iphone!! Love Nate's work... OMG... I just want it all!

  5. lol @ Patti....

    He's having one done for the Android next-- in case you like that phone OS.


    Hi NYTram-- thanks but Nate gets all the credit for this. Very lucky to be the site to launch these photos. *beams*

  6. This definitely hit the market and sell like candies. It's a fresh way to stay updated and have fun at the same time.