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Monday, October 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson OPUS Augmented Reality, Kraken Opus

After many weeks of waiting, and the perserverence of one dedicated MJ fan, a REFUND in the amount of $20 has been made as a donation to charity (to ) by Kraken Opus UK in lieu of a full refund (and return) of the MJ OPUS since there is NO Augmented Reality as originally advertised. Coupled with the email response from Lara (KO's secretary) posted on my blog last week citing the reason for no OR (Intellectual Property infringement),

these 2 items are more than enough documentation to prove over 20,000 MJ Opus customers were defrauded by Kraken Opus and now deserve a partial refund.

Click either picture to enlarge
 Customer name, addresses and credit card info redacted by Cali.  Original confirmation on file.

There's no way that Kraken Opus would be able to accurately refund the over 20,000 customers who purchased this book-- hell, they can't even get the ones delivered a YEAR AGO out.  But this donation, based on the 10 month correspondence with KO and this customer, now opens the door for each and every one of you who purchased the book to get the SAME refund!

You will need to contact Kraken Opus ( ) and DEMAND that you be given the SAME refund (in Michael's name)- a donation to a charity of your chose (with a simple online donation button) or if you would like, use 

Be sure to tell Andy Cali sent you!

Adding this to the already mountains of documenation garnished over the last 10 months of dealing with the FRAUDULANT issues of Kraken Opus' selling and Karl Fowler's advertising of The Official Michael Jackson Opus-Augmented Reality, this will just be more icing on the planned class action lawsuit.

If you have any questions, please email me.  Contact information is on the sidebar here.

I wish to humbly and most gratefully acknowledge the MJ fan who has persistantly followed up on this issue with Kraken Opus for literally over 10 months.  (I wish I could share the entire thread of documentation).  This MJ fan, among a small group of others who have kept the fight in view, are truly deserving of your gratitude.  I hope you will share that with them.

Much L.O.V.E.
Patience is a virtue.


  1. Hey all, for some reason I can't subscribe to comments so I'll have to check on them the old-fashioned way. Give me time to respond throughout the week.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  2. By the way, what is the breaking news part of this is that we now have the 10 months of dialogue as well as the confirmation of the donation-- and the correspondence that shows WHY this donation was made. Once you (as a business) make ONE exception, in the eyes of the courts, that then becomes your new standard of practice..... *smile* We just waited long enough!

  3. You are wonderful Cali =)

  4. writing email to those thieves now thank you cali mj fan

  5. Persistence FINALLY paid off! Woo Hoo!!

  6. We will make them pay !!!! will have to...PAY !!!....
    Patti!!!...our miracle girl !!!..YAY!!!
    Cali....our angel !!!

  7. Thank you for all your work. I sincerely appreciate it.

    I will go ahead and make my request on behalf of a charity that Michael would approve of.

    Thank you again,

  8. Thank you very much for this. I have been trying to deal with them and yes I preordered and received my opus from the first released batch. I will now take this route. Good job and thank you very much.


  9. Karl Fowler is a crook. The quicker he is locked up, the better for all of us...... I find it refreshing that The Guernsey Press has printed his address for over £32,000 outstanding tax. Now we can all send our correspondance direct to his home. Kraken, your time is up.....

  10. Hello,
    I was looking up information on the reality card today and came across your Blogs. I have followed your previous link and filed a report with FTC. Thank you for being so diligent and tenacious in following up on this issue.
    Michael would have been very disappointed with how Kracken group has dupped his fans. They advertised the Opus based on this groundbreaking technology and then failed to produce. I love the Book and the pictures but my main reason buying was because it was advertised as the only published book endorsed by Michael, and it would have this cool technology.
    Anyhow thanks for your research and time put into following up.

  11. Thanks for your efforts. Just sent "Andy" an email, demanding the refund to be sent to the Chernobyl Children's Charity. I think MJ would have approved.

  12. Sorry, Can't honestly say I care all that much about dolphins.

    I would however like to get the access to the "reality experience" I was promised that was coming soon.

    I got an email back in January 29, 2010 saying that it was coming soon and gave me a pass key. It's almost July 2011 and the website still says "Coming Soon".