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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

KRAKEN OPUS UPDATE: Opus Augmented Reality

The following is a reply from Lara Allen, secretary to Karl Fowler/Kraken Opus/OMG to an MJ fan on September 21, 2010.  Please pay attention to the portion I have highlighted in red.

Dear *name redacted*,

Thank you for your email.

First of all, I must apologise for the lack of response and communication from us. Needless to say, no customer should have the experience that you have had and I apologise on behalf of the company, as it just isn’t acceptable. We will look into the matter internally.

Regarding the Opus Augmented Reality, this has been a source of frustration for all of our Michael Jackson Customers. Due to a combination of issues involving intellectual property rights and technical glitches, we have not been able to launch the OAR as yet and whilst we are hopeful that these obstacles can be overcome, there is unfortunately no sign of that being the case in the near future.

I can only repeat how very sorry I am for the inconvenience caused to you and I sincerely hope you are enjoying your Opus despite the trouble you have had,

Please continue to keep an eye on  for further updates.

Lara Allen

Opus Media Group

Opus Media Group
Esplanade House
29 Glategny Esplanade
St Peter Port

Tel: 01481 700223 Tel: 0207 213 9587
Fax: 01481 700887 Fax: 0207 213 9588
I (Cali) would like to add the following regarding the comments highlighted above in red (by Cali):

The intellectional property rights is the focal issue, not the "technical glitches".  We all know and have seen the OAR in operation, and to most, the use of this type of technology the way KO wanted to use it, is now old news, as seen even by Kraken Opus/Opus Media Group with their new launch of iPhone apps for other Opuses.  So I call BS on the "technical glitches" unless of course that term is meant as the technical glitch is Karl Fowler advertised the OAR functionality for the MJ Opus back on August 12, 2009, as a key selling point for a book that would retail (as advertised then) for USD$330. 

One can conclude that Karl Fowler obviously did not obtain prior approval from MJ's Estate/Team Branca for the rights to anything that would be used with this technology in advance, futher cementing my statements since April, when Kraken Opus' official website abruptly removed the trigger images which contained MJ's likeness and the OAR page itself. 

You have two options as a customer of Kraken Opus/Opus Media Group.  You can remain silent and with that action allow Karl Fowler to get away with this false advertising and pocketing of tens of thousands of dollars. 

Or you can speak up.

Karl Fowler owes each and every one of the 20,000+ customers not only a PUBLIC apology, but a partial refund for the portion of our purchase which we will never receive due to his blatant lies on national television on August 12, 2009. 

There are STILL fellow MJ fans who are waiting for their MJ OPUS!  Many of these fans were one of the FIRST ones to order - with confirmed order dates in AUGUST of last year.  No, I am not kidding.  There are NO responses from Andy, Karl or Lara to these customers as to when they can expect their orders.  Remember the fan who sent pictures of their damaged Opus?  There are a handful of customers still waiting for their REPLACEMENT Opus.  The damages are not slight - like a little smudge - but split spines = ruined books.

This is not the first time Karl Fowler has done this. 

You may think it's not worth the time or trouble, but let me remind you that Prince fans were also taken for a ride at $2,100 each for the Prince 21 Nights Opus.  TWO THOUSAND AND ONE HUNDRED US DOLLARS EACH.  Even if you're okay with not getting something you paid for with your purchase, please help other MJ fans and also the Prince fans by holding Karl Fowler & Kraken Opus/OMG's feet to the fire. 

The time to speak up again is now.


If you wish to file a complaint, or an updated complaint with please include a copy of this email (or link to this post) as additional/new information with your complaint.  The email from Lara should be considered factual documentation as she is a paid employee with Kraken Opus/Opus Media Group. 

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  1. The site doesnt even open half the time

    Wasnt expected to be frauded by Kraken Opus.

    Andy, Karl or Lara have no scruples. The MJ foundation should put some pressure on these guys and get us our due.

    Cali is doing a wonderful job but we all, whether lovers of MJ or Prince or any of the Opus's, have to back the movement.

    Lets all join together and take these guys to task.

  2. Well here we go again CPC !!!...I have no words to name them up to this time except : BUNCH OF LIERS CORRUPT THIEVES BOLUDOS !!!!....
    This doesnt surprise me at all....well...they telling a customer sth close to the truth may be...the thing is that they dont have more excuses !!!.....
    We have to do sth or better do all we can : fill the complain, email them....
    This is totally unacceptable FOU-LER !!!!
    LOVE YA CPC !!!!

  3. Oh my! Speechless with anger (be glad for that Cali - otherwise I would ruin your lovely blog with unprintable words.) Intellectual property failure.... what else to expect from an unitellectual compay/man!!!!

  4. Do we even know that Michael actually did anything other than meet with these people?

  5. @Anonymous:

    I can confirm that former OMG president, Mr. Jeff Wald and EVP Jordan Sommers did infact meet with Michael. Mr. Wald himself was friends with Michael for MANY years. Mr. Wald is the one who made the deal DIRECTLY with MJ for the following projects:

    1. An Opus about his tour at London O2 (which never happened due to his death).
    2. A 96-lb Opus covering MJ's 40 year career would be created. This one was to take approximately 2 years to make.

    Since MJ died prior to either of these books being created (and the subject of book #1 never happening due to his death), neither of the books that were officially approved by MJ himself were ever created.

    The Official MJ Opus that we have purchased was made as a TRIBUTE to MJ. This was approved by both MJ's Estate and LA Judge Beckloff in Aug 2009. The dealings were made with Jeff Wald.

    Karl Fowler went on USA national TV and LIED to us re: the Opus Reality. Months after the majority of the Opus books were shipped (not all, but ... I dare say "most"....) Karl Fowler fired both Mr. Wald and Mr. Sommers. It was at this time that I began dealing directly with Karl Fowler (Kraken Opus CEO in UK).

    Mr Wald and Mr Sommers were very honest with me and did their utmost to help the fans during the time I dealt with them.

    Karl Fowler has not been so honest-- both during my phone calls to him as well as emails I have. He continues to retain money sent to him for purchases which the product (the Opus itself) has not been delivered to many fans around the globe. In addition, there are many that were approved for replacements due to the severity of the damaged Opus they received.

    For each and every customer who ordered an Opus, we are ALL missing a portion of our purchase with the FALSE ADVERTISING re: the Opus Reality and the Opus Reality card (although a few were mailed these between March and June).

    Does that help?

    For those who aren't aware of my knowledge of this issue, I have been dealing with this since December 18th and became the voice for the MJ fans who were missing their Opus. I have and will continue to follow this until each Opus is delivered and we get this issues resolved about replacements and Opus Reality.

    I won't ever give up.
    Much LOVE

  6. Sooooo !!!! the only one who meet Michael was Mr Wald !!!....never Fowler !!!...
    Thanks to Mr Wald and Mr Sommers then!...not even the idea of this book was Fowlers !!!...not even taken into account the first idea of the 3 books!!...
    Well it is more than clear now that Mr Fowler is a PATOLOGIC LIER !!!...His entire company is a LIE !!!...
    KRAKEN UK SUCKS !!!...
    Thanks so much Cali for all you have been doing so far !!!...
    They must know that you are not alone !
    It does help Cali !
    much love to you too !

  7. I cant believe what I read!!!...( well coming from KRAKEN UK ...I can believe everything! )...but....
    Thanks CALI !!!...WE ARE WITH YOU GIRL !

  8. Fowler quindi bugiardo è peggiore e quello che tutti abbiamo pensato !!!...

    devolo ladro d'argento!
    qualità siamo con voi

  9. Fowler atunci mincinos este mai rău şi ceea ce toti am crezut !!!...
    hoţ să înapoieze banii!
    calitate suntem cu tine!

  10. jägarens då lögnare är sämre och vad vi alla trodde !!!...
    tjuv att betala tillbaka pengarna!
    CALI vi är med dig

  11. Fowler então mentiroso é pior e que todos nós pensamos !!!...
    ladrão a devolver o dinheiro!
    qualidade estamos com você!

  12. Give us a partial refound Fowler !!!...
    Thanks for the information Cali !, we are with you in this ! Michael Jackson fans are NOT STUPID FOWLER !

  13. well, not OR then !....Cali you were right !, it was all thanks to Mr Wald and Mr Sommers and Mr Fowler is a lier !, and he still owes some fans the book !!??...well I guess that Im with you all about the partial refund and everything!...


  15. Yo no hablo ingles, pero he puesto todo en el traductor...y no habra OR !!!!....
    Fowler sos un mentiroso, inescrupuloso, ladron, no tenes escrupulos y te vales del amor que todos le tenemos a MJ !
    Yo tambien quiero un reembolso parcial por lo que compre y nunca recibi!
    Cali yo tambien estoy con vos y con todos!

  16. Very disappointing to hear, but not surprising at all. I am just so disgusted with this company... and their blatant false advertising.
    I updated my complaint at with the link to this article.... Just wish that KO would make it right by refunding or donating a portion of the money they raked in to all of the customers who purchased this based on the Augmented Reality... I know I am one of them.

  17. I hate to say it, beacause I hate to spread hate around me - but I HATE you Kraken Opus for being such a hateful company. And Mr Fowler you are such a hateable person!

  18. I'm with all MJ fans... and Prince fans.. Kraken Opus has been lying to us the last year... now it's time form them to pay (or refund) what they've done... you must send your customers what they bought or refund their money...


  20. Shameful, corrupt Kraken UK , we want a refund for the non-existant OR CARD !...
    Fowler how could you told us so many lies !!!

  21. Das schlimmste Firma!, Fowler die Lügner! wir eine Rückerstattung wünschen und wollen es jetzt!

  22. La plus mauvaise compagnie!, Fowler le plus menteur!, nous voulons un remboursement et le veux maintenant!

  23. If i win the lottery first thing i'll do is SUE kraken!I wish i had the money now to afford a specialist lawyer.But i will keep the faith and pray to god to do me a favour just once.You'll never know what tomorrow brings!
    So be aware kraken....someday somehow!
    Unless you change your mind about a refund for the OAR, to all the mj opus owners.
    KIND(?) regards
    a frustrated and quiet pissed off costumer of yours

  24. @Anonymous.....
    Im another frustrated and quiet pissed off costumer...and just wanted to tell you that JUSTICE AND TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS...and lies are short, this horrible character ( FOWLER ), will paid for all the bad he have done so far, someday...somehow!...
    He has the money, but he is ALONE...we dont have the money, but we are united as one!

  25. Dear all, I have pleasure in letting you all know that Karl Fowler has been mentioned in the Guernsey Press this month for unpaid income tax for over £32,000 (thirty two thousand pounds). The net is finally closing in on him. The sooner this crook is out of business the better. I find it remarkable that a man, who's company went into liquidation last year could open up again the following day and swindle thousands more clients out of there money. I urge anyone who is interested in Kraken merchandise to save money and go elsewhere...............

  26. Why isn't the Opus up on anymore? I've been waiting until the right time to buy my Opus, but when I saw that it wasn't up online, I cried. Please help me understand...
    Thank you,

  27. Hello Cali, I want to thank you for all you are doing. I am Italian, I am not very familiar with your language, so I struggle to understand what is going on ... but it is clear that this was a scam. I just want to know if there are hopes that in future there is the possibility of having active opus card reality! Thanks again x more ... and if I can do something for your claim to join let me know .. thanks.
    (Sorry for translation errors!)

  28. Hello to all you poor people out there that have some very real issues with this company. You are all right to be angry and I for one think that this is disgusting.
    What I want to show you all here is that there is one person and one person only to blame for all of this and its “K--l Fo---r” he is a director of the company and is dragging down all the staff that work for him.
    Always remember that like most things in life that the behaviour of one person in a group, family or circle does not or should I say “should not” bring the shame on the rest.
    One persons actions are just that “there actions” most of the time the person involved gets their “comeuppance” but unfortunately in the corporate world of corruption, many directors are able to hide behind the company’s name but more importantly they hide behind the innocent staff that just like you and me need a job to survive.

    They follow instructions and are very often either given scripts to read or told what to say. They are powerless to the goings on, and do what the bosses tell them to do.
    In this case its “K--l Fo---r” and it would appear that he has no scruples and has allowed a bad situation to spiral out of control.
    He is probably sitting pretty as I type this, he is in his ivory tower, content to allow his loyal staff to take the brunt of all these negative responses’ I write because I have been in such a situation myself. I hated how the bosses take all the profits that are earned from their staff then kick them when they need help.

    They allow the staff to take all the blame and they just ignore what’s going on.
    I have not seen any responses here from the man “mouse” himself to take any of the heat, apologise or just get it sorted! The corporate world sucks!
    They are allowed to start up companies, milk them, the staff and customers only to fold and then start up again under another name. It happens all over the world.
    So go to the top of the tree if you want to blame and punish, not the normal good hearted staff that have no control over the bad practices of their bosses or directors above them.