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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Councilman to gay teenagers: "It gets better"

Source: FTWCC Joel Burns YouTube

I just got a tweet from Alyssa Milano which gave the link to the above video.  Not only should every adult watch this, but they should show it to their children too, ESPECIALLY teenagers.

For more information:
The Trever Project
Ellen DeGeneres's selections of Orgs to donate re: Bullying


  1. ... if people only could learn to see and apreciate the heart of the other people...not the outside or the sexual elections !!! makes me angry! just love a matter if its a guy or a woman !...just a person, a human being....the rest are just titles...
    Poor kids, and heartbraking story....

  2. Heartwrenching... I have no words.... he just said it so well.