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Monday, October 11, 2010

OPUS REALITY: MJ Fan email to Andy @ Kraken Opus

The emails to Andy ( ) are starting to come in.  Here's one.

My name is *removed*, and I have bought the Official Michael Jackson last year, maybe your remeber me, Im from *removed*, I got my book after six month waiting...However, I never got the OR CARD...because it would never was one....( Im aware of this since april this year anyway....)..thanks to my dear Cali and her great efforts to help us...Im telling you this, because I dont want anything from you, except for the fact that you have part of the product I bought....

I know that you already made a donation with that portion of the money , I know the person who asked you to do it, so I know that its true for sure....I would like that you do the same with the $ 20 that represents my non-existant OR CARD...I want you to donate that money in Michaels name, or at least in my name in behalf of Michael to a charity.

The charity I have chosen is : " Save Japan Dolphins "

I hope you do some good with our money.
Kind Regards, *removed*.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! Hope we see LOTS more emails like this!!