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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Karl Fowler, KRAKEN OPUS CEO, unpaid personal taxes in Guernsey Press

Thank you dear Anonymous for this comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment:
Dear all, I have pleasure in letting you all know that Karl Fowler has been mentioned in the Guernsey Press this month for unpaid income tax for over £32,000 (thirty two thousand pounds). The net is finally closing in on him. The sooner this crook is out of business the better. I find it remarkable that a man, who's company went into liquidation last year could open up again the following day and swindle thousands more clients out of there money. I urge anyone who is interested in Kraken merchandise to save money and go elsewhere...............

Well, thanks again to Anonymous, we have the text of what was printed:

Guernsey Press article, page 14, on 15th October 2010, headed: UNPAID INCOME TAX:

The states was awarded judgement in the following cases by the Ordinary Division of the Royal Court in lieu of unpaid income tax: Against Karl Fowler, of Les Reviers, Douit de la Port, St Martin's, for £32,981.
Psst. Be sure to share this around.  :)  We certainly have angels in our midst.


  1. ....what goes around comes around !!!....
    Oh YEAH FOU-LER !!! your time to pay now !!!....
    All the bad that you do to others...sooner or later comes to you !!!...
    Thanks anonymous !!! ;)

  2. Dear Cali. The advert is in The Guernsey Press from this Friday. You can contact them on 01481 240 283 and they will send you a copy for a small fee. You will also find the following article of interest. Karl Fowler bankrupt. click on london gazette, then on Adobe acrobat- quick view. interesting reading. good luck and many thanks for standing up to this con man!

  3. Hello Cali. I HAVE FOUND THE ARTICLE.... KARL FOWLER is on page 14 OF THE GUERNSEY PRESS, under the heading JUDGEMENT WITH COSTS.............. many thanks anonymous !!! looks like kraken wont be around for much longer!!

  4. Another lie from KF about the Sachin Tendulkar opus?But this time we have at least an announcement from Sachin denying the following rumors,something that we never heard for MJ Opus reality on behalf of the estate.(?)

    Also here's an article from Wall Street Journal about what kraken opus announced for ST opus.
    And there are more articles about that out there....i don't think that EVERYONE missunderstood mr KF!

  5. @Anon

    Do you have the link for the article. I'm either really stupid (not the case) or I just can't figure out how to get around in the Guernsey Press' site.

    MANY thanks for the title!

  6. Guernsey Press article, page 14, on 15th October 2010, headed: UNPAID INCOME TAX:

    The states was awarded judgement in the following cases by the Ordinary Division of the Royal Court in lieu of unpaid income tax: Against Karl Fowler, of Les Reviers, Douit de la Port, St Martin's, for £32,981.

  7. I was trying to help you Cali...but I cant find the article either !!!...
    @Annonymous....Could you copy/paste the link please??....and THANKS for sharing it with Cali and us !!!....
    BTW....I already twiteed it !!...

  8. Velvet, you will have to phone Guernsey Press and they can send you a copy in the post for a small fee. Page 14 on 15th October. telephone number is 01481 240 240 plus area code required. Good luck...

  9. Thank you Anon. I'll post what you sent earlier and contact GP. You're the best!

  10. Hi guys. I was planning on getting a MLB Opus from these people. Their website looks A OK, so what's with the bad vibes on this blog ? Anyone can go broke and start up again. What has Mr Fowler done and should I avoid the MLB Opus ? It looks awesome !

  11. @Annonymous....
    Yes!! the website looks ok!!...of course Fowler wants to keep selling and cheating on people !!!...This blog is full of L.O.V.E , there are NOT bad vibes here !....not at all !...
    Well if you want to know what Mr Fowler has done to in this blog , in the older posts....
    I could tell you some things anyway:
    1) Faulse advertisement of a product ( a non-existant OR CARD )
    2) Customers who bought and paid in full their book on August of 2009 and still havent received it !!!...
    3) Non communication about deliveries status
    Again...make yourself a big favor and search in this blog....
    Kraken UK is the worst comapany EVER !!!, seriously!...Mr Fowler is the worst CEO I have ever known !!!...seriously...
    You can buy the MLB Opus....but it will be at your own risk...
    If not...ask all the people who bought Prince Opus...they never got the product!!!...
    Well Ann... wish you luck if you still want to deal with Kraken UK !

  12. Wrigleyguy,

    If you decide to go ahead and purchase the MLB Opus, then I can only wish you the best. Unfortunately, thousands of MJ fans have learned the truth about this company the hard way. If you have the time, read back through this blog for the details, but it pretty much breaks down to this:

    - late deliveries in most cases. Some people who purchased the MJ Opus over a year ago STILL do not have it.

    - false advertising. KO advertised the augmented opus reality with the MJ Opus, which was the deciding factor for a lot of us to pay this much money for another book. Kraken has just recently admitted that they do not have the rights to provide this feature. They never did. Yet they advertised this.

    - lack of communication and customer service.
    Karl Fowler is very rude and condescending to his customers. I sure hope that if you do decide to purchase the MLB Opus that you don't have to contact them for anything.. cause you will not get a response.

    - outright lies. KO advised numerous customers in select countries that they would receive a free Nate Giorgio print as an apology for the delivery delays... funny thing is that Nate never approved.. or even heard about this.

    Wrigleyguy, I could go on and on and on and on... but you decide for yourself. Again.... your best bet is to read the previous entries regarding the MJ Opus on this blog... and then make your decision.

    Best of luck!

  13. I have to leave my two cents I am one of the fans who purchased the PRINCE OPUS and have attempted to contact them countless times to no avail. One of my biggest financial purchases and truly my worst mistake. I hope some day I will see the OPUS but I'm pretty sure my 2100.00 is gone.

  14. Why don't we as customers who got hocus-pocused,gather some money hire a lawyer and sue that god damned company?

  15. Hi All,

    Thanks for the info @Modchik! I hate like hell that you (and many others) were taken for a ride on Prince's Opus. I swear I'm not giving up till both the MJ and Prince Opus issues get resolved. Right now, it's just slow going-- well, not behind the scenes but in public, yes. Hang in there.

    @Anonymous-- I agree. There's a few things in the works re: going in that direction. Will keep everyone posted.


    I hope you have/will take the time to read this blog back to December of last year. After you do, you'll have a good idea of many of the issues. As the comments after yours here, you'll see that Karl Fowler, Kraken Opus, et al, have not only screwed the MJ Opus customers out of something advertised with our purchase (the Opus Reality card & site), other things, but there are many fans who still haven't even gotten the damn book yet. Many of them PRE-ordered back in August 2009!

    In addition to the issues with the MJ Opus, other customers PRE-ordered the PRINCE Opus (21 Nights) at the cost of $2,100.00 USD in April 2009. This book has NOT been printed/made. Karl Fowler makes promise after promise to refund people their money but has NOT refunded one single customer.

    These two select books are not isolated issues. This is Fowler's mode of business. He screwed Frank Parker out of thousands of dollars. There were issues with the Celtic Opus. There are other contracts and business deals he has made (before AND after his insolvency in 2009-- which by the way, was done so he could publish the MJ Opus... FACT)....

    I can't tell you how many people have come to me re: this man and Kraken Opus.

    So... if you wish to feel this site has 'negative vibes' re: Kraken Opus & Karl Fowler... perhaps you should think there are THOUSANDS of customers out there who have no lost love when Fowler's name is mentioned.

    Good luck with your MLB Opus. I hope it wasn't manufactured using the same printer as the MJ Opus or you may want to not open it very often. The book binding will detach itself from the cover in many cases.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  16. anyone received formula 1 legends opus yet £20000
    a pop and still no sign of mine yet paid for in 2006
    all down to the president of formula one according to Karl Fowler
    so has any person actually received one yet

  17. All with you! i'm still waiting foe my reality card. I have sent so many email, but all for nothing. Someone should do something about this robber

  18. Cali, there are indeed negative vibes here... Indeed all this sanctimonious diatribe aimed at one guy ... mr fowler ? You guys are forgetting that MJ was a pedophile , and it was only his money that silenced Jordy Chandler et al coming out and the truth being heard ... Jackson died because he was drug addict ... Get over it , grow up and move on and stop your vitriolic attacks on Mr Fowler ... Is your pain lessened , by these personal attacks ... ? Does it make you feel better ? I have bought a Celtic opus and a Ferrari opus , and they are majestically written and worth every penny spent ... I wonder hoe many will get to read this , not many I doubt when you delete the truth just as Michael did .... X

  19. I wish I knew about Karl before I let him rent my flat in London. After 6 months he failed to pay rent and I had to evict him and I am still chasing him a year later to get my rent. I am now in the process of bankrupting him in the UK but I doubt that would even bother him !!