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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dolphin slaughter & trade - Do the math

(Edit/Add):  If you're looking for my reply from Elora's blog, please scroll down to comments.  Thanks!

Information sent to me just moments ago re: my blog post here.  I have posted the comments in their entirity here.  Most recent comments on top.  (Edit/Add:)  Also, the link kiuchi_minoru provided as the source for his information is below (in Japanese).  Here is a Google Translated version in English
kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Total in Japan:  Taiji:  #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Dolphins for aquariums were 93, whose estimated value is \72M. Do you think live dolphin trade is really the motivation? #thecove

FROM @kiuchi_minoru TO @CaliMJFan To the Dolphin Base/Taiji Whale Museum/Taiji Development Corporation who train/feed/sell dolphins to foreign aquariums #thecove

FROM @CaliMJFan TO @kiuchi_minoru Where does the money go if the fishermen do not get it?

@kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Thank you for the update. One more to add, Fishermen do not receive any extra money for the exported dolphins. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Yes these are in yen except the total value I calculated for your convenience ($252.5K). #thecove 
kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Back to the calculation. The estimated money gained from live dolphins in total: \20.2M = $252.5K The break down is... #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Though HEPCA claims they were sold $300K each, they admit they haven't seen the papers. That is just an imagined price. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan As to the 4 dolphins sold to Egypt it is clear they were sold for \15,694K in total, according to the Custom Service. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan If you sell the dolphins to foreign countries, the prices are different as they'd include the cost of transport etc. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan NB The money fishermen/Fisher's Union get is less than these prices, as Taiji dolphin base act as intermediary. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan False Killer Whale \3M; Orca \20M. If you want to know the price in dollars, simply divide it by 80. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan Bottlenose Dolphin \7-900K; Spotted Dolphin \150K; White-sided Dolphin \1M; Risso's Dolphin \500K; Pilot Whale \2M... #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan The price list is posted by someone who appears to have worked on the dolphin trade in Aquarium industry in Japan. #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan You can find the price list of dolphins sold from Taiji dolphin base to aquariums in Japan here:  #thecove

kiuchi_minoru @CaliMJFan On reading your blog I noticed a misunderstanding on live dolphin prices. Will let you know about the correct prices. #thecove


  1. Geena,

    I am in no way replying to be ugly nor to offend anyone, and I say that since tone has no way of being communicated via written words.

    Perhaps my original intention has been lost in this discussion. My post was simply sharing information that I had been given. Information that corrected my understanding of the situation of the costs and where the money goes for the live dolphins from Taiji. It almost feels as if just speaking to a pro-whaler would put one in the same category. I have learned in my 25+ years of doing professional-level research and interviews, that speaking to those who have (or in this case perhaps have) first hand knowledge or factual details, is the only way to allow people to make up their own minds. I don't like believing or sharing incorrect data. I always try to source my information and share it in its entirity.

    To address your comments.

    1. His profile picture (dolphin head). When I first began talking to him, he had a picture of a plate of sushi. When it changed to the dolphin head in a basket I was mortified and I shared my disgust to him. He referred me to a conversation thread between him and another person, whose Twitter account has since been suspended. Go through his timeline and you will see that comment from him. Go through mine and you will see my comment. Since her account was suspended, he changed it to what it is now. Do I believe he is somehow connected? Absolutely and you'll see in my timeline too- I have addressed this with him directly. I am far from naiive.

    2. RE: his comments about Elora and other protestors, hashtags, etc. The very first comment he made re: Elora, I notified Suzanne via email. Ask her. She'll confirm it. Do we, ourselves, not spend endless hours sharing information, making comments on various social networks re: our own stance on this topic? What makes it ok for us to do it, and not them? Each "side" has a right to their opinion, as well as the right to share their view. Many make just as nasty of comments about the FU, whalers, etc - some even classifying the entire Japanese race into the conversation, which is a very harmful thing to do, not only, as Scott mentioned in his last Cove Guardian report, and as Joe mentions below- for our own state of mind, but for our cause. Think of the old Hair shampoo commerical in these terms. When you have a good experience, you are less likely to share the information. When you have a bad one: you share it with your 2 friends, and they with their 2, and so on and so on. Negative comments are what they are waiting to hear/read so they can make them go viral only gleaning sympathy for their cause.

    I have spent the last 10 months on the computer- almost the entire time on one topic: The MJ Opus. My blog turned into a clearinghouse for information and global customer comments about this topic, the company and its CEO. I created my FB and Twitter accounts specifically to get the word out to more of the 20,000 customers affected by issues we're having. I became a liasion for the fans by being the one who communicated with their executives. I don't work for Kraken Opus and certainly do not love their company/CEO for their fraudulant actions against their customers. I haven't gotten paid in any way for helping the MJ Fans with this. I have spent 10 months of endless nights and days on this, including researching every single article there in hopes to find one piece of information I can use. I only mention this because your argument that because he spends that amount of time doesn't translate into a logical one. I understand what you're trying to say- but anyone who is passionate about a cause- no matter what it is- will spend endless hours communicating it to others- at no charge. Just as we all are re: this.


  2. (cont.)

    3. re: his previous comments and your knowledge of what I have/haven't done. I take great offense to my intelligence with this comment, especially since you don't know me or what I do/don't do/know. The last 10 months, I have been communicating with MJ fans in over 47 countries, and in just as many languages-including Japanese and Russian. I would not have been able to do this if it weren't for translating software.

    I read his tweets, as well as those from others he communicates with. Just as he/they read ours. Because I have made no public mention of them, does not in any way confirm that I have not done so or what I think of them-- the only ones who know my actual thoughts are those I communicate with offline and my dogs- when upon reading them, hear my rants at the computer screen. Putting those rants on the internet only serves a disjustice to what we are trying to accomplish-imho- therefore I keep them to myself.

    I know very well that he is pro-whaling. To think otherwise would be ridiculous. Are there things I can learn from him- absolutely! Do I have to agree with him to talk with him- no! Peace and change are never accomplished by ignoring the other side just because they have different opinions. He and I do agree on this. We also agree that we both like Janet Jackson. It also does not make me sympathetic to his side just because I can have a rational conversation with him or to return a kind thought of personal well being. That just shows human compassion.

    If you have/had read not only my tweets, but my blog (with readership in over 47 countries, including Japan) and FB sites, you will see that I am doing every thing I can to help get the word out to help Save Japan's Dolphins and put an end to the slaughters.

    4. re: location. I only replied specifically to your original comment with information that I could confirm independently that he is in fact where he says he is, not in New Zealand.

    There are many different approaches to how this will be resolved. Look at the different ways SJD, SSCS, TDAG, are approaching it. The same holds true for researching and discussing it.

    I appreciate your comments and your allowing me to share my thoughts as well. I don't want to detract from Elora's project, which is why I have posted my reply on my own blog.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  3. To avoid confusion. The 2 comments above are in response to those made here:

    Again, I am in no way attempting to stir anything up, just felt it better to remove the distraction this is creating by posting my reply here rather than on Elora's blog.

    Again, Much (MJ) L.O.V.E.,

  4. Joe Noonan's message of LOVE