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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Santa Barbara Sherriff's Office & Michael Jackson

TMZ has released some of the information & pictures from the 2003 raid on MJ's Neverland Ranch, including details of specific interviews and pictures of medication found. Further it has been reported that IV poles, bags, syringes and such were located at this time too.

My question is, while it may not have been admissible in court during the 2005 trial, why did they not start another investigation? While I am not a law major, if SB Sheriff's had found evidence of another crime while on the property, they had the responsibility to continue.

After watching more than my share of Law & Order episodes, it is common sense to say that while serving a search warrant, if an unexpected dead body or something showed up, the agency would be charged in upholding the law and have to act upon that evidence. It may be a legality in having to get another search warrant but all in all, they can't act as if they did not see another crime.

So why did Santa Barbara Sheriff's office look the other way? Were they **that** focused on convicting him of child molestation that they did not uphold their duty to ensure his safety as a resident of their county?

And, according to the confidential interviews, a former (LA or SB) county Sheriff, who was in the employ of Michael Jackson as part of his security detail, claims his job was to keep Jackson's family away from Michael since they wanted to do an intervention. Shame on that former officer of the law for standing silent while taking money as he continued to kill himself day by day.

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