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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nancy Grace - HLN News on Michael July 02, 09

OMG! Nancy Grace you are really pushing journalism... even as a commentator.

"pushing himself to get through the rehearsal and just hours later to collapse in front of his son."

Seriously? First, you are making a personal comment on that as if it is truth. Then nowhere in reputable news, has anyone confirmed that his son actually saw him.

Oh wait, now you are repeating the rumor of a $25 payment to get in to his memorial-- even though that has not been confirmed (and others are reporting there is no cost).

There are other reports, also, that Debbie Rowe HAS had contact with her children but also was up against a mega star. Could you for a moment consider that maybe she's been threatened? For heavens sakes... don't add to the drama with your drama queen commentary.

Really, you should be ashamed.

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