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Thursday, July 2, 2009

To the Jackson Family spokespeople

This post is to remind the Jackson family & spokespersons you have been thrust into the spotlight again, not by your own talent or fame, but by the death of your brother... and to Joe (in case you have forgotten), your SON. There will be plenty of time later to promote reunion tours, possible rebirth of solo careers, Jackson Five clothing lines, and record labels. Please be assured that Michael's fans will not forget him, today, tomorrow or next year.

Michael was an incredible person to all those people who were fortunate to have been able to touch his greatness. You were his family. No family is perfect and the stress of the public way in which you have had to live your younger lives is something the average person could never understand. As Janet said, "To you, Michael was an icon. To us, Michael is family." We truly grieve along side with you.

You don't have to shove Sharpton down our throats to "make us" remember his legacy. Look at the billboard chart records he set in just three days. We will ensure his children's futures. Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket have just become royal children of our world. We will watch over the motives of those who stand to profit from Michael in these last days. We will call for investigations into his death if officials do not take proper steps. Remember in today's age, a mass rally can be put together in a matter of seconds, and in magnitudes that only Michael's fans could produce.

Take a deep breath. Focus on his children, your collective grief and leave the future of his vast empire to those of us who will continue buying his records. His legacy will be told to our children and their children of the man who wrote the soundtracks of our childhoods and adult years.

Michael never left us. We will never leave Michael.

.... just breathe.

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