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Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama & Cronkite... and Jackson

It is with deep sadness to watch the news this evening and hearing the announcement the death of yet another icon, Walter Cronkite.

While many memories can be written here about Uncle Walter, this post will reference what was just read on network news. The comment from President Obama about the death of Mr. Cronkite.

WOW. To remember it was just 3 weeks about that Gibbs made the comment it was not appropriate for the president to comment publicly. No matter what happened in Michael Jackson's personal life, there should have been SOME comment immediately from the White House on his death... not a "oh, President has sent a letter to his family."

Even President Bush & Laura made a statement at the death of James Brown, who was by no means an angel.

Tacky President Obama. Very tacky.


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