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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama & Jackson... it wasn't a black thing

Last Friday when the news of Michael Jackson's death was still swirling around the cable and Internet, I sat appalled when I heard that the White House's comment came through the press secretary. Don't get me wrong-- Gibbs you rawk-- but your boss should have said something.

(Respectfully submitted:) Michael was an icon. Michael was ours. We failed him in some ways... and it wasn't a black thing to have you, as president, say something. He belonged to the United States. Send him out in style-- regardless of what you personally think about him... the world has watched how we have treated him... and are watching now.

Even though it was a carefully worded statement, and appeared in direct response to a question posed by a reporter, at least you personally said something today... on behalf of all the citizens.

Thank you.


  1. Bush even issued a statement when legendary James Brown passed away:

  2. Here is a post worth reading. Thank you Karma!