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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Cost LA $1.4 Million

Michael Jackson's Memorial Cost LA $1.4 Million: "In a letter to the emergency management department, Greuel criticized the nearly $49,000 expense for police officers' lunches, which were ordered from a restaurant located 80 miles from Los Angeles.

Greuel said her office called a local sandwich shop that could have provided box lunches for less than $17,500. The purchase would have had the added benefit of supporting a local business, she said."

Wow. After reading this from Huffinton Post, I for one truly believe that the LAPD & LA city officials should pay out of their own pockets the $50k lunches.

Just because they are on duty, doesn't mean that the city should have provided lunches! Were these lunches for the 1,000+ officers and staffers who were also sent home early because the fans listened to the repeatative requests of them to stay home (which would have more than paid for any services the city provided).

This just gets MORE disgraceful by the minute for LA & LAPD.

UPDATE: Here is a link to LAPD's blog post on the costs of the memorial. Interesting read.

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