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Monday, July 13, 2009

When is enough, enough?

Over the last 2 weeks in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, numerous reports have covered every channel on the TV, racked up billions of internet hits and monopolized personal conversations worldwide. My curiousity is how many of us have thought what part did we ourselves play in his death. Was there something that we could have done to help him?

In a day and age where the TMZs, Access Hollywoods and Extras of the world make money on dishing scoops on celebrities, invading their privacy or claiming fair game when they walk down a public street, when do we as a society say enough? Did we not learn our lesson when we lost Princess Diana? Are we pressuring celebrities by giving them the belief they have to outdo themselves from previous performances in an effort to keep our attentions? Would we still be there when they grow old or in a fall from grace because after all, they are only human?

Sinatra was claimed to be closely tied with the "mob" for years and lived into his 80's and yet we still purchased "Duets" and went to see his live appearances. We mourned his death by watching a spontaneous weekend of back to back Sinatra films. Elvis' life and death still draws a pilgrimage to Graceland annually, with most on the anniversary of his death. I think the answer is would we still be there is yes.

Why do we, as fans, insist on keeping gossip mags like National Enquirer in business by buying their gossip? Can we not stop ourselves in knowing the gritty details of those who live, what we believe to be, a better lives than ourselves? Is it something we strive for in our lives to become so successful we have people hiding in our bushes to capture a moment that is later taken out of context, or gleaned while not in our best moment?

Use the recent example of President Obama's picture while in Italy. A freeze frame of a video plastered around the globe implying he was 'checking out' the back end of a young lady, when in fact you view the video, he was helping another lady down the stairs, as a gentleman. Nothing is said of French President Sarkozy as he actually rubber necks behind Obama's back.

So when do we say enough is enough?

Deepak Chopra should be commended for this lovely truthful tribute to his friend.

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