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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MEMORIAL: Anything for Moeny

"Beware the man who shouts while standing on another man's casket," Tim Leiweke, AEG executive.

According to a LATimes article, Mr. Leiweke blasted the LA councilman for the manner in which Los Angeles officials handled the request for money to cover the city's costs of Michael Jackson's memorial service. Amen Mr. Leiweke.

Early on, as seen below, this blogger believes the manner in which LA handled themselves overall was horrifying. First to have councilwoman, and temporary mayor, Jan Berry, come out and tell the general public to stay home and not come to pay their last respects was assinine. Why? Let's take a look.

In 1997 when Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident, the world went into shock. An outpouring of grief just materialized. People came from all corners of the world. The front gates of Buckingham Palace were adorned with seas of flowers, messages, gifts. The crowds were peaceful, respectful and clearly mourning. Never did anyone hear "don't come."

Shops closed the day of her funeral out of respect. The media descended in masses. Likely fair to say that England saw an remarkable increase in tourist dollars spent in London in the weeks surrounding her death and funeral. And there was controversary around the Queens of Hearts, including a claim & belief that the monarchy was somehow involved in her death.

Thank you Los Angeles for showing the world that we are more worried about money than sending one of the greats off in style. What a bungled mess!

LA Times Article

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