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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Los Angeles should hush and let Michael's fan arrives in the millions!

In my opinion, I don't believe the Jackson family should have to pay AT ALL for the services of LAPD. It is not the fault of the Jackson family that California is broke. California has profited dearly by Jackson's residence in their state. They will profit again in his death by the fans arriving and staying at local hotels, local eateries, gas tax for the cars they have rented to drive from LA to Neverland while they are visiting to name just a few ways.

LAPD did not raise an eyebrow during the Lakers' celebration. AEG should not have to pay the costs either. Temp Mayor Jan Berry has already stated that LAPD has a fund set aside for this type of event (meaning, they DO have the money), albeit likely not the final cost. But the fact that the city government is trying to keep fans of MJ away from his service is ridiculous.

EVERYONE is profiting from his death, and EVERYONE has their hand out--thinking just the use of his name will line their empty pockets. Airlines are seeing an increase in travel, not just from UK, but US as well. Newspaper sales saw a spike in the days after his death for people wanting a tangible memory of his shocking death. Every magazine is splashing his picture while many of the stories inside are a minor part of their total coverage. The record companies who hold the rights to his music are probably hiring people to start counting the money rolling in hand over fist.

Bottom line, LA could probably use the spike in tourism and would probably run the risk of losing tourism by his fans should they continue to try to keep them away. I saw an article from some time back that Sony made a statement about wanting to own outright the Beatles catalog. They have refrained from doing so because they feared that MJ's fans would boycott all Sony products seeing it as Sony taking advantage of their beloved Michael. I think LA would be smart to remember that. Can they really afford a boycott?

LA wake up. You will never again see the likes of tourism originating from your most beloved and famous resident. Show him (and his friends) respect by welcoming them with open arms. They won't riot, they are there to mourn. Let them!!!! You need money? WELCOME THE FANS... their attendance would probably put LA back in the money just from one day.

To Michael Jackson fans everywhere-- Go! Show the world and naysayers how beloved Michael is. Set records! Remember, be polite and orderly!!

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