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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monthly MJ mail

The MJFSC (MJ fans of Southern California) have started something that is really gaining steam.  They set up an address where fans from around the world can mail gifts and letters to Michael.  They are taken every 3rd of the month to Michael at Forest Lawn's Holly Terrace.

Some of you may have seen a recent post I put up about Debbie Rowe being there and meeting with the fans during the March meet.  In February, the ole Dr. *what'shisname* was there but not at the correct portion of FL-- not at Holly Terrace (Read the truth from the fans who were there!). 

Be sure to check out the links below of various gifts, hand-drawn pictures, art, gifts and flowers that are sent each month.  The mail continues to grow as does the amount of people who are beginning to attend.  What a wonderful gift the MJFSC has done for MJ fans around the world! 

Here is the address to mail your cards, letters, gifts and presents to be taken directly to Michael's mausoleum.  Remember, they are taken the 3rd of every month, so if you want one to arrive before April 3rd, you might want to think about sending it soon!

MJ Mail
2470 Stearns Street #202
Simi Valley, California 93063

March 3rd article about meeting Debbie Rowe
March 3rd Flickr set pictures of what was taken to FL
February 12th Flickr set pictures of 2nd Valentine's Day trip
Feburary 3rd YouTube video of visit to FL
February 3rd Flickr set pictures of what was taken to FL
January 3rd YouTube video of visit to FL
January 3rd Flickr set pictures of what was taken to FL
December 20 YouTube video of visit to FL
December 3rd Flickr set pictures of what was taken to FL


  1. Yes, They very kind.
    I has joined this twice.
    Cristmas and Valentine ^^

    Thank you MJFSC and also You 'Cali' for every good thing....


  2. Thank you Nangyoon!

    I am going to send a card this time. It really is a neat thing they have done. One day I will go with them .. hoepfully soon!

    Also, if anyone is visiting the Los Angeles area-- please let me know.. I know MJFSC will share information about hot MJ places to go see-- and I think for some who are going arund June 25th (or MJ's birthday...can't remember) they are getting groups of fans together for tours. So I can put you in touch with them.

    Much L.O.V.E.