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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York City Tribute? UPDATE

Updated and bumped February 16, 2010
Mural will adorn subway where Bad was filmed, according to this from NBC News.

Original post below, August 28, 2009

There were rumblings earlier about renaming a substation in New York's subway system after Michael. Why this substation? It's fame should be recognizable to Michael's fans or anyone who has seen the video "Bad." It is the same station where Michael danced around as we watched with delight. To many, I'm sure they didn't even know it was filmed on location rather than a studio.

What say you? Should NY rename the station? Would you be willing to drop a few dollars if they insist on financial gain? Read this article and let me hear from you. And be sure to share this article with all your friends. Maybe by the power of our voice, we can persuade NY to let this go forward.

Here is a 1988 interview with Jet / Ebony talking about "Bad" and where the storyline came from. And NY doesn't want to pay tribute?

Michael's movie "Bad"
Part I Located here
Part II Located here

**Note: The embedded videos will be put back up at a later date. Too many videos on this first page is slowing load up of this page.

UPDATE: 09/01/09: This councilwoman won't give up! Props to Leticia James of NY for continuing to come up with ideas that can't be shot down by NY's MTA. Have to put on our thinking caps and see what can be done about renaming the station. IT WILL HAPPEN!

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