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Monday, February 15, 2010

Video reviews of WATW 25

Thanks Meyling for pointing this out. Here's the demo video of Michael on WATW 1985.


I found some really interesting and some funny reviews about We are the World 25 on YouTube. There are some good points, and there are some FUNNY comments. I found myself laughing outloud at some of these. One of the most interesting points to me (as a person who was much older than many of these reviewers when the first WATW came out)was how more connected to the original WATW and not this one. That *really* floored me. But, let's just say they have GOOD TASTE! giggles

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! I'll add more as I find them.


Neesha REALLY made me laugh!

From an older generation-


  1. Hey Cali
    I have my opinion about new version of WATW and I'd like to share.;)
    First of all, I've watched Michaels video above and I was sitting and staring, pleased that Michael was happy, smiling, joking, dancing...I was overwhelmed with emotions..
    Oh, and gosh I was just astonished-how much work it requires to recond even a little piece of a song!I used to sing when I was little like 5-6 years old and I used to perform on concerts and recording in the studio for hours and hours. But when I think now, that wasn't hard for me at all, coz I was enjoying it.Even today, I love nothing more than singing.Maybe when you love your job, it becomes not a big deal to record one phrase even thousands of time.
    Frankly, I like the old video more than the new one, but...there is one "but", the new video has its advantigies as well.For instance, I liked the crew (Though, I've seen some those artits first in my life), I loved the the rappers' part(it's done professionally no doubt).
    Disadvantigies:1) Justin bieber, shouldn't open the song(though I love him and think he is very talented)2) Janet wasn't there...:(She appeared for a second, and that was it...3) There wasn't beyonce(!) Did she share her husband's position?4) I really didn't like that haitian guy's part, I mean the way he sang.There should be another way to express the grief of the Haitian people.
    Despite of all that, I think this video is different and I like it because of that, I like it because it gave new life to "We are the world". And , what's most important,this song still heals the souls, raises spirit and helps those who mostly requiers help.


  2. Ana,
    I am so glad you liked the rap-- I didn't. Blah. Justin Biever was there because he's under Usher's wing. Period.

    Awww, I think I'm finally just letting the new version go-- basically forgetting it exists and listening to the original one. I really like the one Simon Cowell put together. That one really made me cry.

    To me it's like music itself. Some speaks to some people, while other speaks to the rest. The thing I think that bothers me the most, the final product is just well.. disjointed.

    But... we can still help Haiti by donating to many of the organizations who have stepped in. The bottom line is DONATE to someone.