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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sound off about We are the World 25

Twenty-five years after Michael and Lionel Richie sat down and wrote We are the World, a new version was debuted tonight during the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

Here is We Are The World 5 for Haiti offical web page.  For what it is worth, this version skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes download hours after it's release.  It is still there today (2/15)


Did I miss Maya Angelou's poem that was supposed to have been read by Michael's three children, per Katherine's request? 

Here is Larry King interviewing Quincy & Lionel on Feb. 10th

What did you think of it?  Leave a comment below.  Connect with Mr. Quincy Jones on Twitter @QuincyDJones  You can leave a message on here too.  Here is the YouTube page.  Be sure to comment.

I applaud all the artists who took part in WATW 25 for Haiti.  Their hearts reached out to help others devistated by the January 12th Earthquake.  There were some spectacular performances, truly.  Jennifer Hudson. WOW gurl!  I luv Orianthi and Celine Dion.  Janet and 3T-- my heart is with each of you & your entire family.  Pink, another WOW! 

Personally, I am going to again (for the 3rd time) repurchase the 1985 WATW which supports USA For Africa.  I confirmed with the organization that 70% of all money still goes directly to USA For Africa.  There are a total of 250 organizations that are supported by this song, and USA for Africa is the largest benefactor (70%).  To date the 1985 version has raised $63 million dollars to help fight hunger.  Please read about it here and on a previous thread WATW- Yesterday and Today here

Also, there is a Facebook Campaign called "Make Original We Are The World No. 1" here.  Add your name if you agree.

After I repurchase 1985 WATW, I will donate *more* money to TEAM MICHAEL with UNICEF, whose proceeds also go to Haiti.


You can purchase the 1985 version for .99 cents below.  So why not buy it 5 times?

iTunes here here (also has other merch)


  1. Loved Jennifer Hudson,Celine Dion and Pink.

    Couldn't really hear Janet ... but that was OK.. would rather hear Michael. Wish there had been more of him.

    Autotune? WTF? kind of weird

    Could have done without the rapping and Wycelf's yelping.

    Ummmmm... I didn't hear/see any poem read by the kids... guess that was just a rumour??

    Not my favorite, nowhere near as good as the original... however my teenager LOVED it! Maybe I'm just too stuck on Michael that I don't appreciate changes to anything having to do with him. All in all, it is for a good cause.. undecided on purchasing it. Will have to think about that.

  2. tony bennett was awesome too. I love him. Yes, you really couldn't hear Janet and it was beautiful to see them together.

    I don't like it, not because of Michael, but it started off so wonderful, then just hurt my ears. I also have watched many of the interviews and Quincy seems to have broadened his chest to say this is "his" song now. I don't like that feeling I get everytime I hear him speak.

    I can still give to Haiti through many other orgas, Red Cross, Unicef and others. This is not the ONLY way to help Haiti.

    I am just really disappointed.

    The part about the poem, look at the link above for WATW Yesterday and today-- then go down to Katherine Jackson (toward middle to end). It was reported 3 reputable sites. Did he shun Maya Angelou too? The importance SHE has to American culture-- to make sure rap was included? Huge mistake in my book.

    Why oh why is everyone making such poor and rushed decisions to get their name associated with Michael's in some way. To me QJ seemed like nothing of a friend in this. Fans had to complain loudly before they even added Michael's name to the site, acknowledging him as the co-AUTHOR of the song for heaven's sake.

    Ok, thanks Cali for having this post so I can speak my mind...

  3. I'm not belittling the hardships Haiti is facing. Been in a similar situation in NOLA, actually still there. Heard Katrina mentioned in WATW 25, but what did they do for us? We're still struggling to rebuild 4.5 yrs later. MJ wrote a song to support Katrina victims. I've yet to hear it. At least he cared. Where were the rest of you?

  4. I just had a thought.. is the rap part Mayalou Angelou's poem?

  5. I just didn't like it (except Michael's singing). Even if you don't want, you could not help reminding all the GREAT artists who participated in making this song 25 years ago. I missed them all, Cindi Lauper I really missed you!!!! Rapping... NOT good at all. Poem missing. I just wonder, if they've actually changed the whole song (rhythm, even lyric), wouldn't have been easier to create a NEW song? I'm re-buying the REAL one.
    All these things aside, I don't like it because I didn't feel the passion and the emotion and the force inside me that I feel EVERY time I hear the REAL We Are The World.

  6. Very true Meyling!

    Another thing the video made me dizzy. The original you could see everyone, it slowly panned around the room and made sure to include everyone. The *coughNEWcough* one, goes from here to there to here to over there, and there are so many people, you don't get to see every one there.

    Someone on a fansite put the video of the original up-- and said watch it enough and forget the new one exists.


  7. I've slept on it, and guess what I have woken up and am still upset that they turned a sensitive moving tune where the stars checked their egos at the door ... into this screaming match of everybody wanting to be heard and seen.

    I felt no sensitivity to the issue ... just a lot of "celebrities" trying to outshine/scream/screech each other with very little harmony. It felt disjointed with the camera trying to zoom from one “star” to another in haste.

    Janet seemed to look out of it as her lips were not even in sync with her words for sadly the few seconds we saw her ... and the rap at the end sounded like a mockery of the song which was meant to have a sensitive appeal to it.

    Why did they not rather end with the sensitive poem from Maya Angelou which was requested by Michael's mother & with possible narration from Michael's children as was mentioned? It would have loaned the appeal of some sincere soul to the song as opposed to the rappers just making a terrible noise!!

    Artist’s great performances like Josh Groban, Michael, MaryJBlige, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson & Streisand were sadly spoilt with a very poor beginning & dreadful end to a song which Michael wrote with such compassion & sensitivity.

    Just proves what happens when the genius with the HEART is not in the room to give guidance

    Their intentions were however good with wanting to raise money for Haiti & I hope it serves its purpose. I however will donate to Haiti through TEAM MICHAEL with UNICEF.

    Sorry Quincy & Lionel ... you just did not cut it without Michael ... and the reason could also possibly be because you wished to brag that this was your creation alone, Especially in light that Michael's input was not even initially mentioned on


  8. I agree with you all, I didnt like it,because in the first place, the melody was not the same, Michael appears only two times,janet seems to be a drawing in there,not counting the fact that her appearence is so fast that you even dont realized it!...and the final rap...I think is a disrespect to Michael, because it is not part of the melody of the song...they just ruined it!
    It was so dissapointing!,but unfortunately that is what is actually happening with all related to Michael...sadly everybody wants to take advantage of him...

  9. Angel, I too have slept on it and still hear that screeching in my head.

    I did the WATW- Yesterday and Today thread because I had every intentiion of trying to help promote the new version and continue to support USA For Africa at the same time. What better way than to purchase 2 songs, right?

    NO WAY will I buy the new version. I believe the artists checked their egos at the door, but sadly as much as QJ is promoting this as 'his' creation (sadly dragging Lionel along for the ride, imo) he had the doors widened to allow his in.

    We can still help Haiti by supporting TEAM MICHAEL with UNICEF or another organization like Red Cross (or one of your choice)-- you could even just donate the amount the song would have cost.

    It started off beautiful, tears when Michael appeared, I had to rewind it to see I had missed Janet (cause I never heard her) and was having memories of hearing WATW 1985-- then it ended with fingernails down the chalkboard. Make your own song QJ.

    And EVERYONE stop riding Michael's coattails! I'm TIRED of it and won't purchase it 'just to have Michael'.

    Thanks everyone!

  10. A new FB campaign sprouted overnight-- Make WATW 1985 #1 in charts worldwide.

  11. A MUST read!


  13. I like the beggining of the song and of course MJ part... but after that it was so... I don't know how to say this in english... the notes sang by the artisi were SO HIGH and trying to sound louder than the singer before... don't like the final product... I think that I will buy the '85 version... and is DVD (that one goes to help Africa???

  14. Well, the only thing I know is that my heart broke to pieces when I saw and heard Michael again...

    L.O.V.E. to you all!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  15. Hi Paly!

    Yes, the original WATW (1985) goes to help USA For Africa and other organizations around the world to help fight hunger. I confirmed with that they still get proceeds from the purchase of this song.

    To not distract money from Haiti too, many MJ fans are giving to TEAM MICHAEL with UNICEF (set up by MJ fans in honor of MJ's contributations to humanitarian efforts). This will help the children of Haiti.

    If we rebuy the original WATW ... and also give to an someone such as Unicef or Red Cross (or another of your choice), we are helping TWO countries at once.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too Dancingirl!

    Yes my heart broke too... then I put cotton in my ears. LOL





  17. Although many of you don't seem to like the new version of WATW, I actually found myself quite satisfied with it. I mean, of course, without Michael, this new version can never hold a candle to the original one. But I really appreciate the way QJ, LR and the participating artists did this. They are not only passing on the music of our late King of Pop, but also his philanthropic spirit and charitable contributions. I personally feel that it is a very nice way of remembering and paying tribute to him. I actually donate money to WATW Foundation before I even watch the video, because I know that it is a worthy cause, in both terms of helping Haiti and remembering MJ. And after I saw the official video, I think it is not bad. These new artists are giving the song a new kind of taste, which is interesting to see.