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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Calling ALL MJ fans who ordered MJ Opus!

The fans who are still waiting for their Opuses (Opi) are being told there is another 2-3 WEEK wait for their orders.  These are the people who PREordered just like you.  (Country Update page) Now I need your help!!

I need each of you, whether you have your Opus or not to send the email just below this post to each of the following

I have gathered all the details, and it has a disclaimer in there this is only partial documentation. (Cause it really is). The above addresses are for Opus UK. I need you to post this on your forums-- and ask EVERYONE to send at least one email a DAY to the addresses. We need EVERYONE to do this.

For those of you who have your Opus, please realize you are still missing part of your order (OR card) and you may need help with that. So, right now please raise your voice with ours--as one.

One a day and repost. I am still working with my contact but please trust in me -- ok?

If you want to see what I'm adding to the top of the email I'm sending, please go here-- you'll love the emocons. Look for post #2060

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. I can't believe they say we in Chile will have to wait another 2/3 weeks!!!
    Why??? Andy told me last week (when I asked whay I hadn't received my copy on the 2/12, as promised) and he told me the book had been in Chile since early February, just waiting to be delivered. So... what's this???? I have writen again and again (to all these contact emails) and got no single answer.

    This is ridiculous!!!

  2. I agree with PCR >_<


    Thank you very much for keeping on our OPUSes' problem.

    You are so sweet, Cali.

    much LOVE to U

  3. Cali
    Right now, I was going to send you an email again about my opus problem.I'm so happy you've already posted about this.
    I'm just going mad and crazy and furious!!!!grrr!!!:(You'll agree I have been patient for a loooong time, but now I'm inadequate, totally crazy.(!!!) We have been calling Andy once in every week starting from January.You know why? Coz they were making promises of delivery EVERY WEEK("you know this week you'll receive.Haven't received yet? Oh you'll receive after a week. I'll check your delivery.We promise this will end this week and bla bla bla..(!!!) Today we have called again, I didn't talk to one of opus people, but my dad's friend did.And the same speech:" Oh we'll check the things and some boolshit." I didn't get a chance to talk to her(dad's friend) too long coz I was hurring. I'll ask her everything tomorrow and tell you then.
    I don't know how much time,money,and nerves I've spent on this and I'm so dissapointed, coz i didn't want "this" to turn like "that".Not because of me, but Michael. He didn't deserve this.He was the standard of RESPONSIBILTY,PUNCTUALITY & HONESTY and everything connected to Michael Jackson's merchanise must be done with the same passion.It's nothing more honoring him as a worthy musician and wonderful person.

    Cali! Thank you.Thank you. Thank you. again and again.
    Cali you are our hope now.I thought I was alone.As I see there are lots of people in my situation.I'll do everything you said in this post.
    with love :*

  4. I truly love each and every one of you so very much. Thank you so much fro standing up with others to help everyone get their Opus.

    I don't know when/how this will all end but I promise, as I have from the start, I will stay with each of you till the last Opus has been received. I mean that. (Well unless they wait so long that I pass from old age... whichever comes first. LOL)

    Keep your chins up, Keep the Faith and remember to Smile. And when everyone gets their Opus maybe we can do some kind of online party or something fun/silly.

    After all, you all deserve a bit of stress relief after what you've been through!

    Much Much L.O.V.E. to each of you!

  5. It is so kind of you, Cali. You have done so much for everyone of us. I really can't thank you more for your effort. I will do as you ask.

    Geez, I just can't understand why is it so darn hard for them to deliver the book to Hong Kong? Lara promised I'll get the book within this week. It is already friday and I still got no tracking info or shipment notice. I can smell that they are just gonna eat their words one more time.

    You know what, I have purchased a book from Amazon on early Feb, and they promised to deliver it on March 8. And you know what, I have got the book today (Feb 26) already! Amazon usually gives more than it promises, and Kraken is like doing it the other way around. This whole mess is just unbelievable.

  6. Well I have just hope to have my Opi next week, if not Im going to double your emoticons!,Im mad today!,I wonder if these people knows anything about bussiness, because in bussiness the most important thing is a happy customer,I also wonder what these people have in their brains...To sum up sweetie,and this time is for sure!, if I dont have my Opi with me next week , I will send you my information for you to put in your list!, Im giving them time, but there is a limit!...
    When all this looooong waiting ended up and after a huge online party, we could write a book ( it will be a best seller for sure!), all fans could put our "###@@@@### Opis experiences together, and create the most interesting adventure book! ( it also would get into the guiness world record of the worst customer service ever!!)...and I have some titles for it...instead "The endless story"...could be "The endless waiting" or " In searching of my Opi" or " Is my Opi a cast away Opi?" or " where is my traveller Opi" or " The challenging adventures of an Opi"...and can suggest meny more...
    Im so tired today sweetie...and sooo mad!!,
    besides, Im watching all about the Earthquake in Chile on T.V and Im so worried about Pali and many others from a Spanish forum that I know...Im praying for them...
    ((((( HUGS FROM VELVET )))))

  7. they're busy with their luxurious holidays,drinking champagne and eating caviar...they don't care about us

  8. But I care about you and am still here fighting for everyone!

    And believe me-- right now I am FIGHTING with UK!

    I have to regroup a little. We are about to take on something a bit bigger. More about that soon!

    Much L.O.V.E.