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Monday, February 15, 2010

Helping Haiti ... Simon Cowell

What do you think of "Everybody Hurts", a collaboration with Simon Cowell and artists, "Helping Haiti". Sound off below.

WARNING: Some graphic images.

You can purchase or donate here.


  1. this version is really good. I like it much more than WATW 25 (which has some isolated parts that I liked... I like the rap, but not as a part of WATW 25).

    WATW 25 remembered me about "What's going on" (sang by a lot of different singers), and it has the same problem with the different styles. They just don't seem to match each other.

  2. I cried when I saw this one. I got teary during remake when I saw MJ but then got very confused, then upset at how awful it sounded.

    I think I'm sticking with this one as an 'anthem' or Haiti-- much more feeling and emotion in it, as far as I'm concerned.

    Also interesting comment from Jay Z about why he wasn't part of WATW remake.

  3. this one as an "anthem FOR Haiti (and this one I mean Simon Cowell's)

  4. What would I give to go in Haiti and help this people with my own effort, physically:(
    Unfortunately, I don't have card (because of my age ),so I can't donate:(
    Now, I feel as miserable as I felt in bloody August, 2008...when we had war in Georgia..I couldn't do anything...My countrymen were dying only kilometres away from my home, and I couldn't do anything more than sitting and crying...It's the WORST feeling, I've ever experienced.
    I think ,this is the exam and god is examining us.Can we really support each other, can we really land a hand, can "we be the world"?I think we can.
    Michael showed me what being a real humanitarian means.I'll try to be that one, when I'll grow up.

    Hope for HAITI

  5. Ana, my dear. Your heart is so pure and caring. There are things you can still do, no matter your age. I saw a young boy in England who wanted to help the children in Haiti, so he decided to get sponsors from his family to their friends, and he raised something like $16,000 (or more-- I can't remember... and I think his name was Charlie.. darn I'm getting old, memory is the first to go. LOL)

    The moral of the story is that there is always something you can do. You go to your neighbors and collect money. You could go to stores and ask for donations. Find a charity or church that is going to Haiti, ask if they can arrange shipments or collections. Be honest, be pure, and the sky is the limit for what you can accomplish.

    You could find a charity you want to donate, and look them up on the internet. See if they have a mailing address. Mail them the money you would want to donate if you had a card, or what you can afford.

    Look at the official charities (like Red Cross) and see what they are suggesting they need. Ask local stores or businesses if they would help-- with products or money.

    It's all up to you... but never, I repeat never, think just because of your age, that you can't do anything. Look at what our Michael did-- he took the world by the heartstrings at age 8. You are never too young or too old-- and only the limitations you put in front of yourself will be the only ones that hold you back.

    Much L.O.V.E. to you dear sweet Ana.