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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Somos el Mundo'

Ummmmmm. Ummmmm. Ummmmmm. Put on your helmets folks... this will be a bumpy ride! Before you read on, you may want to remove any item within reach that is breakable, throwable or just tie your hands together... if you are prone to react as I just did.

Where to begin? I am not completely over We are the World 2010, and someone delivered a SURPRISE to my email this morning. (Thanks Volos!)

Maybe Mr. Richie and Mr. Jones should listen to Jay-Z. "Original 'We are the World" 'Untouchable'. Read that interview on MTv here
ADD: Here is another MTv article trying to answer the question if the remake was too contemporary.

For non-latin speaking folks: "Somos el Mundo" translates to..... (wait for it wait for it)......... WE ARE THE WORLD.


Gloria Estefan and her husband have received approval from Lionel Richie himself to record a Latin version of "We Are the World".


Ok Lionel, originally I focused my disgust towards Quincy Jones and gave you benefit of doubt since Randy Phillips came out before WATW 25 blew out my eardrums. I also gave you benefit of doubt with the comment you yourself made on the Larry King Live interview on February 10th, but now this is directed at you. You are quoted as approving the remake. Why don't you and others get together and write a NEW song. Leave this one alone.

I am so disgusted!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cali,

    I was going to send an email to tell about it... but I was a little late, and i just got home... I don't think that the spanish version will be a good idea... and i don't understand why they just don't write a new song... I read what Jay-Z said and I totally agree with him...

    I think that "Somos el mundo" won't sound good AT ALL... it doesn't sound good... I hope Gloria Stefan and his husband make some changes to the lyrics, because if they don't do it, the lyrics won't make feel you the same...

    Anyway, I will listen the song just to know how it sounds, but I will help Haiti in another way.



    PS: Do you know if you purchase de WATW DVD the money will go to Africa??