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Friday, February 26, 2010

Michael Jackson Opus update

Word from Opus UK is Argentina Opi will clear Customs on Saturday, with deliveries scheduled starting Monday and Wednesday of next week. 

Countries that have had NO deliveries as of yet are also Brazil, Russia and Ukraine. 

There are also people waiting for their PRE-order Opuses in the following countries where deliveries were made and these people's orders were missed:
UK, Australia, Sweden, South Korea, Bulgaria, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Phillipines, Peru, UAE, and USA.

(Plus any more that crop up between now and then. I am STILL getting new people writing me)

This is why we still need to keep emailing the letter below.   Thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for sending your emails.  Let's keep going.  We are making some progress!


  1. Cali,

    I've sent emails daily since last Tuesday. I'm just not sure if it is doing any good... I request 'read receipts' for each email, but the only ones that have been read are the very first ones I sent. Hopefully they are not just deleting these.


  2. Thakn you PattiAnn! You are so awesome.

    I suspect that either the emails are just being ignored or maybe they had their IT people filter them to another folder.

    I sent an email about something non Opus related and got a reply-- but it was for humanitarian reasons.

    I just don't know what else to do short of filing complaints with every agency I can think of.

    ...and believe me, I have a list of them!

  3. Cali,

    Hmmmmmm..... may need to get that list from you soon! I have never been so frustrated in my entire life!

    On a lighter note... stayed home today due to snowstorm (well, turned around and came back home cause roads were a mess), so thought I'd try to call Andy.. (never did reach him, in a meeting).. but...yeah.. so I misdialed the number the first time. Instead of 011 I dialed 911 !!! OMG! Did you know that you can't hang up on 911?? And the police come automatically??? Even though I told the 911 operator it was a mistake. I was mortified! He had to come right in the house to make sure everything was OK. My 6 yr old was totally confused.. and I was SO embarassed! I'm like, everything is OK.. really officer! I was just trying to call England!! LMAO!

  4. OMG.. I am laughing so hard I am crying PattiAnn. See all the trouble Opus UK is to us? LMAO Seriously? Usually if you tell them you misdialed they cancel the call. Poor PattiAnn. Good thing you weren't in the tub or something! *laughs even harder*

    Happy Monday to you and I'm glad that you are home where it is safe if you have that much snow. Odd that the snow starts now that the Olympics are over.

  5. Yup, It's all Opus UK's fault! LOL Thankfully they told me the police would be coming so at least I knew not to get in the tub!! OMG... that would have been even worse! My cheeks are still burning and it happened 7 hours ago!

    We've had lots of snow here... but I'm on the east coast and the Olympics were on the west coast where the weather is always milder than here.... lucky! I'm really getting sick of snow!

  6. PattiAnn...I cant stop laughing!,may be your subconscious made you call the police in order to help you with OMG !!!...and Andy is always in an all day and permanent meeting!! Ha Ha!!...Next time try to call a private detective to could reach Andy or the Opis...

  7. Damn.. I should have filed a missing persons report when they were here! Perhaps they could have found Andy for me... since he seems to be among the missing lately! Maybe they could have even helped to track down the missing opi! LOL

  8. You are right!! Ha Ha!! would be a fantastic idea!, due to our endessly missing Opis...I wonder where they could be????,I truely think the Opis are alive, backpacking around the world, knowing different places...but its time for them to come home!!!...I mean it!
    I hope we dont have to paid private detectives to find our Opis! Ha Ha!