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Monday, January 18, 2010

Limited Edition, Artist Edition MJ Opus

Please click any picture to enlarge.

From customer (Cali cropped from original)
This offer is for an Artist Edition Opus, including a Limited Edition numbered print.  Something is limited to 500.

From customer
Here is advertisement with the print (19/500) and 2 gloves. 

From customer (Cali cropped from picture above for zoom)

Received item, picture from customer
The clamshell reads "ARTIST EDITION"

Received item, picture from customer
The Opus book cover reads at the bottom "ARTIST EDITION"

Received item, picture from customer
Page reads "This Artist Edition Opus is one of a worldwide limited edition of 950 copies".

Received item, picture from customer
Actual print xx/500.  (xx/number covered to conceal identity)

From customer (Cali cropped from picture above for zoom)

Additional information:  ISBN:  978-1-905795-29-4

Cali Commentary

1.  Original ad selling:
... 'Limited Edition' MJ Opus for $249.00 OR
...'Artist Edition' MJ Opus for $499.00 with
      "individually number and limited to 500" AND
      a 'hand signed' and 'limited edition' Nate Giorgio print.

2.  Per customer, and based on photos provided, what arrived:
     'Artist Edition' MJ Opus, not individually numbered, but limited to 950.
     An individually numbered Nate Giorgio print, xx/500.

1.  Was there 2 offers- 1 with print  (1-500) and one without (501-950)?
2.  Were there 2 sets of prints,, maybe 1-500 in each set-- with 50 of those from 1 set perhaps going with maybe Opi to family members or perhaps retained by the artist?
3.  Was the Opus itself supposed to be numbered, according to the original advertisement (pic 1), thus limited to 500?

*Pictures 1-3 are taken from the email advertisement sent to a Sony Cierge customer who did purchase this AE Opus and forwarded the email to me for posting here.  The remaining pictures were taken by the customer upon receipt and opening their AE Opus.  I have notated where the original picture has been altered by me, however I still retain the originals as they were sent me.


  1. Oh what a tangled web OMG weaves...

    Hey, what kind of wine comes with that million $ wine opus??? ROFL!

  2. I think there's different Nate print which has 450 edition.

    500 + 450 = 950, right ?

  3. i would like to see what the 450 nate print is? i hope it is different then the 500 one

  4. Cozy,

    Yes, your math is I'm not sure the answer to the different print or if there even is/was a 2nd print. It is possible the books outside the 500 (the group of 450) could have been sold independently as just the Artist Edition, for a pricepoint different than the grouping with the Nate Print.

    And so no one is confused... this offer has nothing whatsoever to do with the special Nate print that was given as an apology to certain countries like Japan, NZ, Australia etc. for delayed deliveries.


    I would like to see it too... I can only hope this thread reaches the attention of others who purchased the AE Opus.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  5. I am in Australia and STILL have not received the "apology" Nate Giorgio print, nor has my friend. I have emailed them twice and they haven't replied to either email. I have just sent another one. Hoping for 3rd time lucky..... Anyone received theirs or are they hoping we all just forget about this whole mess?

  6. Just to make sure there's no confusion-- since you posted on this thread-- the Nate print included with the "Artist Edition" MJ Opus, which went for just shy of $500-- was approved in advance with full knowledge of the artist, Nate Giorgio.

    The Nate prints which were "offered" by Kraken as an apology to about 8 countries, however, are another story and were not approved in advance by the artist. The chance you will actually get the Nate print is slim-- well really, none.

  7. Thanks for your reply.

    I was aware these were different prints, I just wasn't sure where to post my original question!

    Thanks again :)

  8. On October 16 I purchased the Official Michael Jackson Opus - I just received the "Artist Edition" for the price of $249. Should the book be numbered somewhere (ie xx of 950?). Is anybody aware of a publishing scam? How can I tell this is the real book I have? Help....I am really sceptical....