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Friday, January 22, 2010

MJ's Estate needs help!... this according to...

this article on TMZ, well employee-wise with MJJ business that is.  Here's the last paragraph.
"According to the docs, "With the proper executive and creative management and leadership, the opportunity exists for the MJJ Business to become one of the most profitable companies in the music industry."
Speaking of Team Branca, here is a USA Today mention of the new papers filed today regarding their 'salaries'.  Branca and McClain are asking for 10% of MJ's estate, minus proceeds from MJ's portion of Sony ATV catalog, his own songs and This is It. That is fair especially since others appear to ask for 15-25% for similar work.

Question:  Since Team Branca is credited as Executive Producers on TII, would they have received compensation for that title?   Just curious. 

Another interesting development, MJ's Estate appears to have submitted their opposition to a November request for a $15,000 allowance as filed by (cough) Brian Oxman on behalf of Papa Joe.   Read about that here.  In other news, the monthly stipends for Mrs. Katherine and Michael's children were underestimated and have been requested to be increased.   How much is unknown.  ($15,000?  lol)

Here is a 1/28 article from CNN, at the bottom of the article, it addresses an interesting aspect of this. 

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