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Friday, January 15, 2010

VIDEO: Tributes and Ricardo Walker Tributes

Two weeks ago I mentioned a young man from Brazil, Ricardo Walker, who has spent much of his life, like many of us, with Michael Jackson in his heart.  This young man has been dancing to Michael since he was 8 years old!  Here is the re-posted Tribute video I saw in August. 

Tribute to Michael by Ricardo Walker


The next 2 videos are brand new!  Maybe these will go viral... with your help.  I am honored and humbled to announce that Ricardo is even a follower here on this blog!   YAY!  ((Ricardo))

So please everyone show your support!   GOOD LUCK Ricardo!  We are watching you and THANK YOU! 

Part One Ricardo Walker Live *NEW


Part Two Ricardo Walker Live  *NEW


Tribute Mix #1

Tribute Mix #2 Thank you Volos!  L.O.V.E. it!

PLEASE be sure to visit each of the YouTube pages for these videos to rate and comment.  Share them on your own homepages too!  Double click the video (or click SOURCE next to the video) and either Embed or UIRL link it.  Awesome! 


  1. Thanks, Cali, for sharing this!

    @Ricardo: YOU ARE AWESOME, young man!!! Keep up the GREAT work! Mike is smiling down on you from Heaven!

    And those tribute mixes are just fabulous! What a great man the world has lost...

  2. I would like to thank everyone who is supporting me and my career and would like to say how glad I am with all this words of yours! Thank you very very much!!!