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Thursday, January 14, 2010

OPUS UPDATE: Cali talked to Andy

Current Time at OMG London

Current Time at OMG Los Angeles

*1/28 NEW ZEALAND - Please check this post for email to customer from NZ and update!  *added 01/28
*1/28 MEXICO-- First delivery has been reported! YAY! More deliveries are being reported, however NO tracking numbers were sent, according to fans in Mexico.  Check your doorsteps! *added 01/28
*1/26 South America UPDATE: Delivery is expected NEXT week on/after Feb. 3rd *added 01/28
*1/20 SOUTH AMERICA  DELAY: DELIVERIES now week of Jan 25th.
*1/18 - Andy has responded that he is working on the Russia and Ukraine deliveries right now.  Also, his rollerball on his BB broke-- so that's why I didn't hear from him this weekend.  *whew*  Japan deliveries have started. More updates as available.  *added 1/18
*1/17 - Added time clocks for CA and London.  Australia deliveries have started.  No other updates at the moment.  Hoping to hear by 12 noon Jan 18th PST.  (see clock above).  *added 1/17

 (2)*1/16- I apologize. My errands turned into an all-day'er and I am just walking in the door and am exhausted. I hope each of you who have written will forgive me if I wait to reply until tomorrow. I am exahusted. I PROMISE to write FIRST thing in the morning. Again, I am sorry I am so tired. Much L.O.V.E. and sweet dreams to you all! Cali

 (1)1/16: I don't have any updates to pass along yet-- so everyone please be patient. I will be writing Andy today to see where we are.. ok? THANKS! Cali PS. I have some emails and responses to get to which I will be doing this afternoon. I promise. Have some errands to run this morning thru mid-afternoon.
Sorry everyone for the delay. Had meetings and could not get back to this any earlier.

If you copy/paste any portion of this message, please ALSO include the link to this page:  as updates will appear there by country.

This update is only for those who meet this PRE-ORDER criteria:
1. Ordered through Ticketmaster or Kraken Opus directly, AND
2. Ordered prior to December 7th, AND
3. Have not received information about their outstanding Pre-order by country.

This does NOT pertain to:
1. Orders via vendors such as Barnes & Noble,, AND/OR
2. Orders placed after December 7th, 2009.

For customers who ordered after December 7th, I would ask that you remain patient and please understand OMG is trying to fulfill orders originating almost 5 months ago with a pre-Christmas delivery promise. I know that is not a pleasant pill to swallow, but given the orders, I do hope you can remain patient.

This is per my phone conversation with Andy this morning, January 14th.

I have asked to act as a go-between for country updates for PRE-orders deliveries and will post this and future updates on my blog, and Max-Jas as I am updated. Also, remember, I am a customer and am in no way affiliated with Kraken Opus, TM or any other company involved with this. So this call was at my expense and on your behalf.

At my request, and because of your complaints of not getting returned emails, Andy has agreed to provide some information this way. In the conversation, I expressed the delivery concerns from your point of view, and now I am asking each of you to hold off on the emails for delivery issues addressed specifically below. HE IS REALLY TRYING !!! He spent a great deal of time on the phone with me this morning discussing the deliveries and was VERY nice. He is still working behind-the-scenes on the delivery issues and that will not change because of this.

You have been upset about no replies on delivery, well, here's a quick solution for you. So I am asking for us to be fair to Andy now that we have this line open and I (not Andy) am PERSONALLY asking that you hold off on emails about delivery until the dates listed below. Everyone, deal?

For those, like Mido, Autumn Rain and MJTKOP-Nytram, who are in a country where PRE-orders have been delivered (like US, Netherlands, Canada) but have not received yours (and meet PRE-ORDER criteria above) please send me your email address so I can pass that to Andy and he will contact you directly about your orders. My email is

Please keep in mind, these updates are NOT related to the other concerns we have addressed (gloves, price, weight, centerfold, etc). We will address those after the delivery issues slow (and I'm not sure who that is going to be with). OK?

So here goes....

Countries where Andy is awaiting tracking information within 48 hours, and delivery is expected by or before next Friday, Jan 22nd. He will update me when tracking is received. He also has the emails set up and ready to send the minute that information is given to him.
*Australia deliveries are begining to be reported by customers as of Jan 17th 7:11 pm PT YAY!
*Japan deliveries are beginning to be reported by customers as of Jan 18th 08:26am PT.  YAY!
*Mexico first delivery has been reported as of Jan 28th @2:00pm PT YAY!  No tracking numbers were sent, so check your doorsteps!
New Zealand *1/28 UPDATE:  Deliveries now on/after Feb. 3rd.  Please see this post for details
South Africa 
South America *1/28 UPDATE: DELIVERIES now on/after Feb 3rd.
United Arab Emirates

Russia and Ukraine Update:
Andy is working on correcting the waybills with Customs, which as you already know may or may not solve the problem you are facing with the fees. He is ALSO working on other ways, which he should know something within 48 hours. Once the final solution comes, he will email me. I have explained there are now two categories of customers: One who has not yet paid the customs fees (like Justice Rainger) and one who has paid the custom fees (like @Russia & I think Fiona). Once there is a solution reached, we will get information posted so everyone knows how to address any issues. So, in short, Russia and Ukraine, PLEASE HANG ON... Don't worry about the storage fees. Something will happen soon and I'll get you the answers as soon as Andy knows them. OK?

Countries where deliveries are outstanding on my blog but have been delivered to all customers from the PRE-orders.

And yes, by the way, I did tell him I was "Cali MJ Fan" and told him about my blog. LOL

Much L.O.V.E. to you all.. hang in there. We are in the home-stretch! YAY!


  1. Dear CAlI
    just now I wanted to tell you that I've also called Andy yesterday (13 January). As soon as he took the phone I gave him a storm of questions,he stopped me and told me he would look up my order and then call me back, as it was an expensive call. I was sitting and waiting - he didn't call. I was going to call him tomorrow again, but now I'll wait for your post.

    much LOVE to you

  2. ana19928-- I had yours written down and was crossed eyed with all the information I was writing. I've emailed him back asking specifically for your country... I promise to get that for you... he's probably sleeping as I write this so first thing in the morning. Hang in there sweetie.. I promise to get you an answer!!!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  3. i don't understand why andy firstly said australians would get the order on the 8th of january then the 15th of january (today) why not just not give us a date if they keep not delivering..

  4. Dear angel Cali:

    You are a warrior of light!!
    Michael is feeling very proud of you.
    Thank you from my heart.


    Myrna Ramos
    Mexico D. F.

  5. Bullshit on January 22nd. First they said it would arrive before Christmas, then the 8th of January, then the 15th. What reason have I to think it will be delivered on January 22nd?

  6. Thank you CALI, I'm so thankful for your support and attempt to help us. You're really a hero.
    I feel I have no legs and arms, and I can't do anything alone, first time in my life,(because of veeery complicated situation:)) coz I've kinda warrior soul :)
    Thank you again for disturbing and sending mail specially for me:) I'm gonna wait for an answer patiently, I promise:)


  7. Thank you so much for updates, Cali! Your faith is unbelievable! <3

    Yes, I have paid general fees already, but money will be transfered only by Monday's evening so now I'm waiting for Andy's solution. Storage fees are usually paid to courier when he delivers a package. Anyway, the important thing is that Andy knows about our issues so we don't have to worry about it, since it's not out of control anymore.

    Michael really would be proud of you! I'm sure he's smiling too right now. Thank you for spreading love!


  8. Cali, I purchased mine before december 7th but I used paypal, does stil count?

  9. Thank you so much Cali for acting as a go between. Lets hope everyone gets their books soon and this drama goes away.
    I do not have much faith that my book will be delivered by the 22nd as that is already a month past the original date, the 8th was a myth, the 15th has come and gone now we must wait for the 22nd. I can tell you that I buy many things from overseas and customs do not hold up books for this long. I am assuming they have not arrived in Australia yet. I wish the truth would come out with this mess.
    Have noticed the books are selling for $568 on an aussie book site. I am thinking the cost of postage of these books has hindered the delivery and the company miscalculated delivery costs. Just my opinion, I may be wrong.
    Have a great weekend everyone and lets see what next week brings

  10. Dear Cali, a friend at MJJC referred me to your blog. Thank you very much for this information! I really think Kraken should pay you salary for doing all the customer service job for them!!! I am from Russia, also waiting for the book. I am in Moscow so FedEx didn't even approach me about delivery. In fact the local office knows nothing about it, they are saying the book must have been held back in the UK. So am I waiting and waiting, along with many other fans. So thanks again for the info, it's VERY helpful. I hope they will solve the waybill problems soon...

  11. Hey Cali

    Don't worry:) we are waiting and anyway it's not your fault.It's krakenopus who makes us wait. I don't have any hope that I'll get my book in January... I don't know..

    P.S Russians, if anyone has profile on please tell me and I'll add you:)

    Love you Cali and Thanks again.

  12. Oh my goodness I am behind in answering everyone. SO SORRY.

    Here goes:


    I totally understand. I'm trying not to complicate the issues with adding all the sorted details about the delivery, but I think in short, much of this was based on original deadlines, and as each situation came up, it delayed everything-- and like the game dominoes, the tiles just kept knocking over another delivery situation. I hope that makes sense. I'm not trying to excuse it, but I am *trying* to see if from both sides. Let's keep our fingers crossed there isn't another downed tile this week.


    Awww dear one. That is one of the sweetest things I've heard. Thank you. Michael is watching over us all. Each and every one of us.

    @anonymous/Jan 14th.

    I hear ya! All I can say at this point is a) it is what I was told by Andy and B) by Friday will tell if it is BS or not. I am giving the situation the benefit of the doubt and will hold my breath until Monday, noon PT, and for Friday Jan 22nd for deliveries, unless something is communicated prior to that date. If nothing happens-- well, I'll hand you my megaphone and help scream BS with you. LOL


    I wanted to let you know that I did send a 3rd request to Andy about Rep. of Georgia. Since it was late Friday (UK time) and now the weekend, since Andy last replied, I'm personally giving it until Monday at noon, PT/USA, for a response. Also just in case the communication link breaks between Andy and I for some reason, I'll give the deliveries till Friday Jan 22nd, as he last communicated, as that benchmark. That's all I can do right now.


    Thank you for clarifying that for me. I thought I understood that you'd paid- but wanted to make sure first. Yes, I did verbally communicate especially about Russia and Ukraine's issues with the waybills and there's now 2 sets of customers: 1 who paid the higher fees, and those who haven't or even gotten word (like Moscow). So, let's see what happens tomorrow. OK?


    I think I answered this in another thread a few hours ago but wanted to make sure you see it here too. *How* you paid (by credit card, paypal or whatever) should have nothing to do with this at all. The situation we're discussing here is those who pre-ordered before Dec 7th and through Kraken Opus & TM period. Not B&N, Amazon or anyone else. I hope that helps answer your concern. If it doesn't, please let me know and I'll answer. OK?


    I know I wish too that this would go away.. trust me I really do. LOL It makes me so sad every day to see the comments from the fans who have been waiting for so long with no word or dates that have passed like Australia. I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed this works. As for the delivery costs-- well, it's possible and I know that South America's (or certain countries within SA) ended up being higher than first thought-- but OMG was eating those costs. It's not the fans' fault there. Something similar I suspect will happen for Russia/Ukraine. I dont' however remember that was the issue with Australia and New Zealand. (but my brain isnt' fully awake this moment). So, a temporary expectation of delivery for Jan 22nd has now been set... we'll just have to see what shakes out in the next few days.

    .................... takes quick break here from responses and will be back after another cup of coffee.........

    Much L.O.V.E.

  13. @kathiejmie

    Thank you so much for your note. I know the situation with the Russian deliveries is a confusing one and I am still waiting to hear from Andy on what will happen with the deliveries in Moscow and other locations that don't have the customs brokers like St. Petersburg. (I think I am explaining that correctly). As soon as I hear, I will post something.. I promise!


    You are so cute my dear! Yes, just patience patience patience. Soon soon I hope they will arrive!

    Much L.O.V.E. to you and everyone !

  14. Thank you Cali so much,for doing for me(and for everyone) so much:**:*:*
    But you know, what I don't get, is what they've been doing since 8th of january,(or 11th of january, I don't really remember the last massive delivery date in Europe)Are they playing cards, or putting our books in golden clumshells?It's called irrisponsibility,and it's not fair towards us.
    I think I'm in the row of the countries like Russia and Ukraine(my neighbours), but I'm afraid not to have the problems about fees, as they do.I mean, I have paid enough,I mean lots of money on my currency kinda 550 GEL, and I'm going to pay the toll also. I have put my head on guillotine and will lead the job to the end.
    Just, I'm not sure they will.

    Again and again I'M SORRY Cali, for complaining, it's not about you of course, it's about (ah, grrr..!!!)~~~Opus group.

    Sorry and much LOVE to you

  15. ana sweetie, please do not apologize for complaining. I know you're frustrated as many are. It shouldn't have happened this way, but I'm trying to make the best out of the cards we have right now.

    Remember though, there were MANY countries that were delivered the week of Jan. 4th, so let us remember to give them credit when they are due it. Doesn't excuse them for anything, or for them being late, however many people did get them. I'm always going to be fair.

    I hope too that the fee issues get squared away. Since they have a heads' up I hope it'll go smoother than Russia and Ukraine's deliveries.

    Hey, remember this too, none of us (even me) are not perfect. Right now Opus is far from it, but Andy really genuinely wants to make this go as fast as he can. I really think he feels terrible about how this has happened.

    Let's just give it another xx hours till tomorrow when he can get a chance to write me.

    Much much L.O.V.E. to you ana

  16. AUSTRALIA....

    You're up! Fans are starting to report deliveries of Opus Down Under. No one had gotten a Fed Ex tracking number, so ...

    START CHECKING YOUR DOORSTEPS.. and let us know!



  17. GOT MY OPUS TODAY!!! Ordered on the 21st of September got it today!! so excited.. tho parts of it ar damaged which im disapointed about

  18. Hey Cali

    Thanks for reply:)Just I wanted to say, I really undestand the situation, of course they aren't feeling well,I totally get it.But I'm not feeling well either.You know, the feeling of excitment(connected with receiving of fantastic tribute book) is fading in my heart and I don't want to.It's becomig an ordinary book in my imagination and I don't want to insult Michael with my thoughts.I believe he is looking at us and probably smiling..
    I'm not gonna bother you now:) Just please get a rest, don't tire yourself, we need you!!!:):):):*:*:*

    P.S If I'd known you personally, I'd have given you a big hug and a memorable present, for supporting us and taking care of us:*:*:*

    LOVE you
    Bye till the good news:*:*:*

  19. Hi...I'm in South Korea.
    and I just ordered OPUS on December 17th,
    I know that I have to be patient because it's my fault to order late...but waiting by no update information is very .... >_<

    I just want to know my tracking NO.
    or my OPUS status.
    It's almost the due event date on Ticketmaster. I'm very worried that how can do if I can't get my OPUS before Jan 30th?

    my email is

    would u give me some advice or something?

    Thank you for updating

    with the love

  20. @ibleedcolors

    I would suggest you (and anyone in this situation) write with pictures of the damages included in your email. Keep the email so you have documentation as to when you communicated this to OMG and what you sent them. Follow up if you haven't heard within 5 business days (that's being polite) by resending the email you first mailed them. Title each subsequent email with "2nd Request", or 3rd, 4th 5th, etc. Keep re-sending the last email sent so you end up with one long documented email of the attempts. This helps you in case you need to address the situation with anyone else, such as a complaint department or another agency.

    Please be sure to include your customer information in that email (NOT here) so they are able to look you up in the first communication. That will help expedite any followup... and show you gave them the information upfront in your documentation.

    OMG will have to review the damage to determine how to proceed, but I have seen that *some* people are getting a replacement and pre-paid papers to return the damaged Opus. (I haven't seen a follow up to see if those people have yet received the actual replacement though.)

    This is just what I would (and have) done when I have issues about a situation. So it's just my personal suggestion, not anything I've been told by anyone at OMG. K?

    Much L.O.V.E.

  21. @ana

    You are such a sweet person. Thank you!



    I am sending you an email right now.

    Much L.O.V.E. to all!

  22. It's not really an update, but I wanted to say that there are really nice people working in the customs office. I was there today and a woman was really helpful, she provided all needed assistance, made copies of documents, showed how to fill declarations, helped with almost everything. And it was all for free (usually you have to pay money to make copies). They promised me to deliver the book the next day or the day after tomorrow. Here in Saint-Petersburg customs officers know about Michael Jackson Opus book and they really try to help instead of making things worse (as it often happens).

  23. PLEASE read this post ASAP for Haiti! Cali needs YOUR help now.

    Please sign a petition to ask Sony to donate some money from the proceeds of Michael's This is It DVD/Blu-Ray sales to help Haiti!

    Then please share the information with everyone you know! Post it. Email it. Text it. WE need to ACT to help Haiti. We all know Michael would have been the first one to do this... so let's use our voices... NOW.

    Go to this page for details (see #4 and #5) :

    Let's get busy. There is work to be done! Let's show the world what Michael's L.O.V.E. really feels like!

  24. Hi all, just letting you know i live in Sydney, Austrlia and i ordered my opus on the 1st of Jan and received my oups on the 18th of Jan :) it is stunning xx

  25. Hey Cali

    I've signed the petittion:( I wish I could do more..:(God, what's going on to our planet? :( It's a nightmare, so many people dead, without homes....ah...god help them....
    Cali , I know it's ridiculous now to complain about the book, next to Haiti:( just I wanted to share my thought to you.
    I think , there are not many people in my country who's ordered the opus, if I'm not the only one.reasons:
    1)Little country
    2)Not to much M.J fans
    3)Too high price(on our capacity)not really affordable for everyone.(I've been thinking about ordering too long as well)
    So if Andy is working on the Russia and Ukraine deliveries now, let him work about Georgia too.It's right at the corner.What can I do, about that? Call him?:(


  26. It's the 20th January in New Zealand and I ordered the Opus on 20th August. Still nothing apart from an email in December with a delivery date of 8th January. No answers to emails but good to see others are keeping on top of this situation. The Opus was ordered as a Christmas present for my son who has been an MJ fan for 25 years. He's still waiting patiently. This is starting to feel like a non-event.

  27. @ana sweetie-- I hope you know i have everytime I've written, have asked about yours. I have a renewed hope there will be something done/said on OMG's behalf to get this moving and done! So please hold on. South America was told theirs aren't coming till next week. *UGH*


    I know this is so frustrating for you and your son. Even worse, who thought Christmas comes at the end of January? Australia just started getting theirs this week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that New Zealand's will be there soon. As SOON as I hear anything, I post it here.

    Thank you for being patient and I'm sorry that you must be patient.

    *fingers crossed for rep. of Georgia and New Zealand*

    Much L.O.V.E.

  28. MJ&#39;s April in NZJanuary 21, 2010 at 4:35 AM

    Same here lornajb :( I pre-ordered the Opus as a Christmas Gift to my family. Getting really upset. Are you from Auckland? Please post when you get yours. God bless everyone!

    With the L.O.V.E. :)

  29. Well the 22nd Jan is almost over in New Zealand and still now Opus or tracking number.
    So disappointing.

  30. MJ's April and nic

    I am saddened to see your responses because that means the information I was given changed or was said to hold everyone off for another week.

    It is now officially one month from the 1st day we heard from Jeff Wald, the president of North America OMG who said in capital letters... THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE HAD THEIR OPUSES BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

    Well, since I'm trying to keep this blog rated G, or at least PG-- lol... I won't say what I am thinking right now.

    I'll have information this weekend on places you can file complaints if you so chose. That goes for anyone, no matter where you live.

    In the meantime, please keep your chins up and smile.... it will get there... maybe by NEXT Christmas. *laughs*
    Much L.O.V.E.

  31. I just saw the comment from someone who ordered Jan 1 and received Jan 18th from Australia and a lightbulb went on...

    There is not humanly possible way that if the orders were sent out in December that someone who ordered after December received their books. ... which leads me to start thinking the Australian batch wasn't sent until maybe week beginning Jan 4... give it 5 days to ship from Los Angeles, 8 days for customs, then another 5 days for Aussie post.... hmmmmmmm........

    that's just me thinking outloud when a lightbulb went off.

  32. Totally agree with you a lightbulb went on when I read that also.
    The conclusion my husband and I have come to (he is a printer)
    They didn’t print enough copies.
    No way have our books been in transit since the 7th December 2009.
    I just wish they would let us know what is going on and where our books are……

  33. @nic,

    Well I remember when I called Ticketmaster back on Dec 18th, I was told back then about the shipments in 'batches'. The lady thought it might be based on the person's names. I think now the batch part was right, but the batches were by country. She said the last one was being sent January 9th.

    Then add in the 9 day delay that started this all off.. Hmmm, sure seems like it might have been known from the start, if you ask me! I keep forgetting that conversation but in hindsight, it answers a lot for me anyway.

    I think we should start a pool to guess the last delivery date and what country.

    ROFL.... I'll work on that in the morning!

  34. UPDATE for me
    Cali, I've called, and they told me (with lots of apologies) that I'm gonna have my opus next week.

  35. Well I certainly hope so ana. I'll keep an open mind and fingers crossed it does come soon!

    Much L.O.V.E.

    PS... everyone please sign the petition at the top of this page! Just click the blue box. Then share it with all your friends and MJ fans! We NEED more signatures! Thank you!

  36. Update from Mexico: no news so far.
    Much L.O.V.E.
    Claudia (Dancingirl)

  37. Thank you Dancingirl!

    let's keep our fingers crossed for this coming week!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  38. It's now the 26th January in New Zealand and still nothing. Is it time to reverse our credit card payments?

  39. MJ&#39;s April in NZJanuary 25, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    lornajb, I hear you! I have been waiting for ages and I don't get it why they cannot even send out an email, just like they did before, to let us know what is really happening!

    Gosh, MJ would be so mad if he knew what these people are doing to his fans who have spent big money to get his Opus. We just need a little respect!

    -April, New Zealand

  40. April @ Lorna--

    I wish I had an answer for you. I know another customer (different country and different issue) was told they might get a tracking number on/by Wednesday. What I am thinking is that might be a date to pay attention to. Also, there's going to be a call to OMG tomorrow-- so I might know something more tomorrow too.

    I know how frustrating this is - honest I do. I don't know what to say about the chargeback, but since South America was told theirs would be delivered this week, let's see what happens in the next 2 days.

    And yes, I know they (and you) were told 2 weeks ago, then a week ago... I just can't figure out WHY there's NO communication to their customers. It almost makes me really wonder what is making them hesitant to put something in print. *scratches head raw thinking on that one*

    I will update as SOON as I hear something tomorrow. *fingers crossed some more*


  41. MJ&#39;s April in NZJanuary 25, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    Thanks, Cali! Somehow your messages calm me LOL :)

    I really hope OMG communicates with their customers. They're all professionals so they should know how to handle these things.

    Thank you for doing this for MJ fans. God bless you!

  42. April, you are so sweet. Thank you so much. Comments like yours are bright smiles to my face and I can only hope that soon this will all be over. Honestly, I wish at a snap of my fingers it would be done (well, perhaps if I was actually doing the work, it might be done now... HA HA)...

    Just hang in there and know You are NOT alone... MJ fans are and will always be together. Forever.

    Much much L.O.V.E. to you

  43. Cali!!!!
    It´s here! I have the Opus in my hands!!! It has just arrived!!! I have short time right now, but I noticed that the book is in perfect condition, only one glove... it looks amazing!!(I also want to reply to your last email, I´ll be doing that shortly!)I must go to work, I´ll come back later...!!!

  44. OMG! YAY!!!!!!! Oh I am sooo happy for you! Maybe that means they are coming through for your country!


  45. KIWIS... news about delivery. check out Country update page.

    Please pass the information on too!

  46. MJ&#39;s April in NZFebruary 3, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    Received my Opus today!!! :) :) :)
    April from Auckland, New Zealand

  47. April
    Im so pleased for you. I am also in NZ can you let me know how you got it was it by nz post or courier?

    Yay so pleased for you, you must be loving it.

  48. MJ&#39;s April in NZFebruary 5, 2010 at 12:42 AM

    Hi Nic!

    It was delivered by Post Haste Couriers at around 6pm yesterday.

    I'm sure your copy will be with you soon! Whereabouts in NZ are you?

    April :)

  49. Hi April
    Im rural Pukekohe, Auckland.
    I hope to get it tomorrow or Monday.
    I so hope its tomorrow. thanks so much for letting me know.
    Enjoy your opus.


  50. I paid for mine on 28 September and still waiting.Tonight I rang Opus again to find out what is going on as I have had so many promises. According to Opus we now need to contact Lara as she is dealing with things - I am told there is some issue with Customs in UK. I am now awaiting her email re what is going on.I see you can buy copies now on Ebay!

  51. Great News for Australia
    The air freight shipment will arrive in Australia by the end of this week and will allow us to deliver your Opus on or before 12th February 2010

  52. Hi Nic

    I am also rural Pukekohe. Will let you know if and when I receive anything.

  53. Hello, is there anyone out there??

  54. Hi Everyone New Zealand here
    I got my Opus today.
    sooooo pleased I love it.
    thanks to everyone for keeping us all in the know.

    A special thanks to Cali for all her help.

    Love Nikki Yay

  55. Received the Opus today too, rural Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks for keeping us so informed, Cali.

  56. Cali,
    I just need to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for ALL your help, support, time and love... As all of you know, I received my MJ Opus on Jan. 28th. I wish every fan to have hers/his soon.
    A lot of hugs and L.O.V.E.

  57. Hi everyone!

    I know I know! I'm missing everyone and so behind.

    I have a new contact for followups (not who you might think)... and I need to find out who still hasn't gotten their Opus.

    Please email me!


  58. Wow Australia Celebrates- received my Opus today. Thanks everyone and also sent an email to Andy and Lara for there help.
    Now I have one - I am going to buy a second copy as I know it will be well used by all.
    Happy to received and so sad MJ has gone.