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Monday, January 18, 2010

URGENT: MJ Fans-- Help Haiti -- Sign and Share

Update:  Please see this post re: TEAM MICHAEL and UniCEF.

As more pictures come from Haiti, the story is unfolding before our eyes, but how can we help Haiti?

Dangerous 91 from came up with this idea for a petition to ask Sony to please donate towards Haiti Earthquake Relief through sales of "This Is It" in Michael Jackson's name and in honour of Michael's legacy. This is not a campaign designed to bully Sony into giving money, it is a campaign to ask Sony in honour of Michael's memory and the things that he stood for to help the people of Haiti.    Source  
You can click the banner here and it will take you directly to the petition.  It only takes a minute to sign.  BUT WE MUST ACT NOW!  Then, share this information with all of your social networks - Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, email, MJ fansite forums, your profiles and favorite blog comment sections.

If you need a list of organizations who have been vetted (checked out), please visit CNN/Larry King's IMPACT YOUR WORLD page with links to organizations.  *Update* Last night during LKL's special 2 hour live program, they raised over $8 million dollars for Haiti.  BLESS YOU LARRY KING!

If you want to text a donation using your mobile phone:  Simply text
"HAITI" to "90999" for a $10 donation to the Red Cross
"UNICEF" to "20222" for $10 donation to UNICEF
"CERF" to "90999" for a $5 donation to The United Nations Foundation
"HAITI" to "25383" to donate $5 to International Rescue Committee.
Your donations will be charged directly to your mobile phone bill. Source

You can get a banner for the Sony petition to put on your webpages and social networking sites, please go here
Please pick only one of these because the others banners link to the site's homepage not this petition:
Counter 1
Counter 2

Please share your ideas too in the comments below.  What other places can we post this to get the word out as far and wide as we can.  This is a call to all Michael Jackson fans around the world.  Let us help Haiti in their dire time of need.  Thank you!


  1. C'mon everyone.. we have work to do!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  2. Cali, I already signed the petition and posted on my twitter the link. I'm doing all I can to spread this :)

  3. Thank you Mel!

    I have:
    1. Made a blog thread for this on my blog page.
    2. Made a headliner comment on my blog page so it is seen no matter what page a person visits.
    3. Emailed it to everyone in my address book that I've been dealing with on the Opus issues, which should reach over 35 countries directly
    4. Plus the multitudes of those that have been visiting my blog to check updates on the Opus.
    5. Posted it on front page of under the TII articles too and on my topic about Opus' under the Opus Forum.
    6. Sent PMs on
    7. Posted on
    8. Will attempt again on Larry King Live's blog under multiple threads related to Michael. (think the urls are throwing it out so I will come up with an alternative)

    Two people checked in with me within moments of my emailing them that they have already posted it in their country's forums.

    C'mon everyone.. please get to signing and sharing! We have work to do!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  4. TY NYTram for posting the information!


  5. Cali, I just got your email, signed the petition and sent it out to my friends. Then, I posted a message on "," a knitting and crocheting web "community," on the "Michael Jackson" group page. This group is just a small part of the larger Ravelry community which has about 400,000 members worldwide. Let's hope they make their way here to your blog and sign that petition!

  6. Oh Thank you SOO Much Roonknit!!! You are awesome! Thank you Thank you!

  7. PS...sorry I have changed this thread several times tonight. I think I'm done now. LOL


  8. Hello Cali!
    Good morning! After signing the petition I posted a comment in Spanish for MJ's fans in Latin America in and emailed my friends. Let's hope they sign too!
    Hugs and L.O.V.E.

  9. Thank you Dancingirl and everyone who is emailing me too! THANK YOU. Considering Dangerous just started this and when I first saw it yesterday, the count was at 10, this is awesome!

    Keep spreading the word.
    Much L.O.V.E.

  10. First of all ... Hello everyone:)
    In my opinion, I think this is all very well.
    Michael was keen to help even one person.
    I think Michael would be very happy to use a portion of their proceeds from "This Is It" to help our fellow Haitians.
    If Mike was here, I'd be in Haiti by helping all those people who are suffering.
    Michael must be very sad up there, seeing all the suffering of those persons who are not guilty of anything of that tragedy, & had to pay for what they did or caused.
    Well ... I leave my signature & obviously my support in this cause.
    The I & God Bless:)


    Cézy Jackson:)

    * PD: Sorry for my bad English .. Because I am Chilean & am working on a translator .. I am under age & not speak English .. Buenos my love & support for you .. I hope you understand:)

    I ♥ U T H E K I N G O F P O P & T H E
    K I N G O F A N G E L S : )

  11. yo quisiera que parte del dinero de this is it fuera destinado a las personas de haití
    yo sé que michael jackson habría sido el primero en enviar un aporte para nuestros hermanos

  12. Cézy, sus palabras fueron beuatiful y sincera. Gracias por compartir tus sentimientos y por favor siempre mantener a Michael en su corazón.

    Mucho L.O.V.E
    Cezy, your words were beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your feelings and please always keep Michael in your heart.

    Much L.O.V.E

    Anonymous (translated)
    I want some money from this is it was designed for people of haiti
    I know that Michael Jackson would have been the first to send a contribution to our brothers

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario y apoyo. Mucho L.O.V.E. Cali

  13. Hola , yo quiero pedir que parte de las ganancias que tuvo la pelicula this is it sea donada a Haiti ,por que como todos sabemos Michael Era un hombre que siempre ayudaba a los más necesitados y eso es lo que el hubiera deceado

    Nicole Faúndes

  14. Hello ,We here in the netherlands are doing our very best for a lot of money.I donened too.


  15. Sorry for not posting sooner; I've been buried under school books. I signed, tweeted, posted on Facebook, MJTP site, MJJB site, and sent out to friends -- all on Jan. 18 when I first read this.

    I'll go retweet and FB...

  16. @Mimi

    Thank you so much for doing all that. You are so sweet and your L.O.V.E. for Mike shows throw your actions over and over and over again. I am so honored to have met you and get to know you- you are a shining star!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  17. es muy lindo y bueno eso se me ocurrio pero como fans club chilenos hacer algo por ellos en nombre de un hombre qe dio casi todo su dinero en acciones beneficas eso es cool my good and wait what funcione ....

  18. (google translation Anonymous)

    is very nice and good that happened to me but as Chilean club fans do something for them on behalf of a man qe gave almost all his money on that's cool beneficial actions and wait what my good work ....

    @ Anonymous,

    Gracias por su visita de Chile. Sí, Michael dio tanto de sí mismo al mundo. Ahora es nuestro turno para dar de nuevo en su memoria.

    Gran parte L.O.V.. E


    Thank you for visiting from Chile. Yes, Michael gave so much of himself to the world. Now is our turn to give it back in his memory.

    Much L.O.V..E

  19. Opus
    THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT, I got my Opus !!!
    I really don't know how to thank you for your help, because thanks to your intervention I have my book. Since my order dated 6th Dec....
    Otherwise, I think it's not with my 2 or 3 messages left to customercare, that alone I would have succeeded....
    You spent a lot of time on this file, but there are results. A new proof that we must be always determined.

    So, now let's have time to have a look at this fabulous book... I turned over a few pages. It looks great. Now, let's practice my English !

    So Cali, once more THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all you have done. Congratulations for your blog, go on on this way. We need such wonderful people like you, who keep Michael's memory alive.

    With L.O.V.E

  20. Thank you very much Ladybird. I am so happy you received it! YAY!

    After meeting so many people from different countries, all are wanting to work on their English-- that is giving me some ideas.

    Please do keep in touch! I'm glad you like the blog-- once the Opus issues are over, I want to return it to Michael related things and ways we all can help each other around the world. "Make the world a better place" and "Make that change".

    Much L.O.V.E.