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Monday, January 11, 2010

OPUS: Tracking numbers are being sent to ....

*Updated 01/11  *added 01/11
*EDIT:  Original post date Jan 4, 2010 06:48am PT-  Bump to continue delivery tracking *added 01/11

Everyone check your emails (and junk mail folders, in case) because some Opus customers are receiving their shipping tracking numbers!  YAY!  Looks like Europe, you're up for delivery.

... movement,  FINALLY!

Here are countries who are checking in having received Fed Ex tracking numbers and delivery dates:

Country and Expected Delivery ON or AFTER
Australia Jan 8th - NOT YET DELIVERED Jan 12th
Argentina by Jan 15th
Belgium ...Jan 11th *Delivered 01/05 YAY!
Chile by Jan 15th
Czech Republic *Delivered 01/06 YAY! (No gloves, BOO!)
Denmark/Copenhagaen *Delivered 01/05 YAY!
Estonia *Delivered 01/06 YAY!
Germany Delivered 01/05 YAY! (Nate Giorgio print still outstanding)
Greece *Delivered 01/06 YAY!
India betw. Jan 18-31st
Italy *Delivered 01/04 YAY!
Netherlands Delivery began 01/06.. YAY! (NYTRAM I see yours.. trying to help)
Poland *Delivered 01/06 YAY!
South Africa Still no word *01/08
Sweden Jan 11th Delivered 01/11 YAY!
Romania Jan 13th *Delivered 01/06 YAY!
Russia Jan. 22nd *update 01/06 Letter sent to Andy 01/05
Ukraine Jan 11th *PROBLEMS (see here "Ukraine") *added 01/11

Please leave a comment if you got tracking info, what country and expected delivery date. Thanks!

Here is the Country Update beginning December 24th. The summary of threads is here for anything Opus related.

*sits and relaxes for a moment*

PRICELESS:   Volos posted this:
Drinking coffee with Belgium on Aifel Tower!!  omfg too funny!


  1. Hello Cali, I am from Romania, today on 4th January got the tracking number, shipping with fedex from stanstead GB, now it's in Paris, estimated delivery is on 13th January. You're doing a great job! God bless you!

  2. Romania got their Opuses! I got mine today! Perfect condition! Work of art!

  3. Hi everyone-- This is CALI--my internet is down right now (as of last night) so I a working to get that fixed and will get updates done as soon as I can.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  4. Hi Callie!
    Now I am getting TOO ANXIOUS because we (in Mexico) do not have any news, any mail reply. It is great that the Opus is being delivered, but I do not know what else to do in order to get OMG's attention. I wrote to Andy again, with the previous message attached, and nothing...
    I gave your blog address to friends in Mexico to help them keep track of the delivering. Myrna Ramos told me she wrote you already. Thank you so much Callie!

  5. Thanks so much Dancingirl! Hugs!

    Yes I have heard from Myrna (and emailed her back). Thank you! The latest dates for delivery I've seen right now is for Russia- Jan 22nd. Others are about Jan 15th-- and there was a new order into a port in Los Angeles. (which is close to you). Let's see what happens by Monday... give them a day or two more. As for no communication, I am (as a customer) PISSED OFF. I wrote 3 times to them on Dec 19 & 20th. NOTHING. I tried re-sending my email (with previous attached) it was returned as undeliverable after 3 hours.

    They get a huge F for Fail from me on service. I had plans to purchase the 96 pound one when they made it-- but I guarantee I will remember this experience after 2 years or even 10 years. This SUCKS!

    I'll keep digging around. STay in touch! Much L.O.V.E.

  6. Dear Callie,
    Thanks a lot for the up to date! As you say, the service has been terrible... any way, let's see by Monday, hopefully that LA shipment could be for us too!

    I'll stay in touch! Hugs and L.O.V.E. to you.

  7. Hey dancingirl!

    Any word down in Mexico?

    Much L.O.V.E.