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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aphrodite Jones TV Alert Tonight

Well at least tonight there will be something fair and balanced on Michael.  Aphrodite Jones will appear tonight on her show True Crime with Aphrodite Jones with a one-hour segment about Michael.

Here is a Larry King Live Blog interview with Aphrodite and her website & blog.

The listing shows 10 pm EDT/9 pm CDT on ID channel (Investigative Discovery).  Make sure the description shows "Michael Jackson" as there is another one just before it titled "Scott Peterson".

Let's show her our support by watching live if we can, if not make sure your DVR is set to record her show!

Update: May 2, 2010:  An outtake from Aphrodite's show.

Here is Aphrodite's show part 1 of 6 *YouTube user MJDHI*.  Please follow this link to watch the other 5 parts.


  1. Hi sweetie!!...well, finally someone telling the truth and showing Michael like the incredible human being that he was!
    I have heard from her searching info by internet some time ago...I dont know her that well from here...anyway I trust you Cali, thats why Im supporting her.
    I hope to could watch some by internet, but I dont think so here( some programs are not allow here)...( so,I depend on you CPC, to see if she do it well or not!!)...I mean, on your later comments here...
    Anyway, I have shown my support on her blog...
    I hope that she can put some light and relief in behafe of Michael!
    LOVE YA CPC !!!

  2. I wanna see it... but can't... too late for me and I don't know if I can see it on streaming TV... if someone could record it, I will love to see it!!!

    I read the comments of Aphrodite Jone's book, and I must say that I would like to read it...

    Cali... let us know how the program was...

  3. hi everyone! I hope you can see the videos clips I just put up. I think I found the whole Aphrodite show on YouTube. See the thread itself for links. If you can't see them on YouTube, please let me know so I can embed them here!

    These are WELL worth watching! Thank you Aphrodite so much for speaking the truth about Michael! Thank you!

    Much L.O.V.E.