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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Encino compound news

According to TMZ this morning, Alejandra and her children (with Randy and Jermaine) are reported to be moving a few miles away into a condo owned by the Estate.  Read about it here

I think it is admirable that Katherine continues to care for all of her grandchildren and her former daughter-in-law.  She has always been there for her whole family.  What a pillar of strength she is.  It must be breaking her heart that this has to happen but I'm sure they will continue to remain a strong presence and family unit.

After searching some of the other reports on this topic, I am disappointed with the spin they title their articles with, implying that Katherine is kicking them out.  C'mon people.  Seriously.  MJ3 have been through enough, and so has the Jackson family.  Show some respect!

What do you think of this?

EDIT (Add)...
And in other news...

Team Branca has returned Heal The World name back to the control of the Estate.  Read about it here.

As a side note, please always double check and confirm any charities or foundations that claim to be acting on behalf of MJ.  If they are fan driven, make sure they are through a reputable fan club or person.  If they are claiming to be legitimately through the Estate, make sure that the Estate has announced their involvement or approval.  If they are Jackson family driven, make sure there is an official statement from one of the family members. 


  1. I think that,that was about time.
    A 79 year old lady can't handle so many grandchildren in that house.Neither Michael's children were used in such situation.Three families under a same roof is too much.After all,MJ3 cousins have parents and they should take care of them and not Katherine in that house.I'm not saying that she doesn't love all of her grandchildren but that was a necessity for everybody's good,specially MJ3.
    And i think Michael would agree on that.


  2. I'm glad that the household is going to be smaller. It was probably good at the beginning for Michael's children... more going on to help occupy them and, hopefully, to keep them from dwelling on their loss. But... it is time now for them to live the normal, quiet life they have been used to. And I'm sure there will be lots of visits so nobody will be missed too much!

    I really hope this gives Katherine a break. She certainly deserves one. What an amazing woman.


  3. In my opinion, its the better for Michaels children and for their granma Katherine, she is an amazing woman, but she is also a 79 year old lady, so she needs some relax too.
    Michael would agree on that, and Katherine and the children need some space...they all have had so diffult times so far...