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Monday, April 26, 2010

World Cry - June 25, 2010

Yesterday was a sad day.  Maybe that's why I just moped around the house.  It marked the 10 month anniversary of the death of our Michael.  A sad sad day indeed. 

As many of you have seen from the link under upcoming events here (to the right of this post), and elsewhere on the net, on June 25th there will be many worldwide events to remember the passing of our beloved Michael.  One of them is called World Cry.  Here is one sentence that wraps up what this event is about from their Information Page "MJWORLDCRY isn't a one year event that will fade, this is an annual yearly event to help charities and perform deeds in Michael's honor."
 I am pleased to share not only the Official main page with you, but also announce that one of our IACOP members, Chantal, is the ambassador for the event in the Netherlands.  Here is her blog page so you can go friend her there and for those of you, like NYTram who are in the Netherlands, make sure you contact her so you can participate.

Is anyone else hosting an event in your country?  If so, please email me with the details so I can post it here.

Some interesting links on the Official World Cry page:
T-shirts  (proceeds to purchase mosquito nets for children in Africa, which helps prevent Malaria)
Find if an event is scheduled in your city.  Register to be the ambassador if there isn't one.

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. Thanks for posting this Cali!!

    Wow!!!, Chantal ! Congratulations dear!...
    Im so proud that one of the IACOP members have been selected to be one of the World Cry Embassadors!...YEY!!
    The most important thing is what you have chosen to do with this, you have chosen to do good, to carry Michaels torch, giving to the ones in need, and putting a voice in those whose cant speak !...
    This side of Michal, the Humanitarian part of him, have always been the most important to me...More than his amezing talent,more than everything else...or...Who decided to work and sweat everynight on a tour, like he did in VICTORY TOUR,just for...nothing...because he decided to give ALL THE MONEY TO CHARITY !!!...only Michael...and that is what I miss the most...THE HUMAN BEING, THE HUMANITARIAN MICHAEL...
    And to me at least, is difficult to believe that he is not here anymore...but I think that this is due to that people like him, who THINK DIFFERENT and CHANGE THE WORLD...NEVER DIED.
    ( sorry too much writting! ), but this words come direct from my heart...

  2. Dear Cali,
    It was indeed a sad day. I felt it so deeply...
    The day before (April 24th), my kids and I participated along with our community planting baby trees and grass in two parks... I had Michael in my heart and mind the whole time and my feeling was totally new, different, I could feel his presence. I realized that we must not stop working now...

    Velvet, I miss his humanitarian side, too... a lot.
    Hugs, for everybody!!!