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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opus issues and my return... sorta-ish

Well hello my dear ones!  Like I posted in one of the threads... how much I have missed each of you!  Thank you for all of your notes and messages of love.  They really made me smile and cry just a little (good way). 

Ok, I've promised to take it easy.  So I'll be replying slowly and still not on much (famous last words) but will try to make the best use of my time.  I want to try and get caught up first on delivery updates.  I think I saw a post here that Russia's Opi have been delivered... is that right?  What about Ukraine?  Still a re-do?  (curse word) 

Still waiting for Opi
Who is still waiting for their Opus to be delivered?  Please email me  Make sure you write something like Still waiting for Opus in the subject line, so I can weed through emails faster. 

Nate's Apology prints
Even though I haven't heard from Karl or Andy in some time (and I've seen PattiAnn's update on Andy in the comments) I want to follow up on everything.  One of the other big issues outside delivery is Nate's prints.  When I talked to them in March, they had different countries than I did who were supposed to get the prints.  (I had some they didn't and they had some I didn't.) 

So to make sure, I need one copy of the physical email forwarded to me for the following countries.  (I need to have the actual email -- not a copy/paste, so I can prove it came from their email along with time/date stamp).  Most of these, if I remember right were sent between December 18th and maybe around December 24th.  Don't worry, I wont reveal where the email came from.  (That's always a promise).

So if you're from one of the following countries, please email me at with subject line Apology print Country (list the one you're from):
Australia, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan, France, Germany.  Any one else get this email? 

Opus Reality-Augmented Reality--

What sales information did each of you see when you purchased MJ's Opus?  I'm thinking more of the ones outside USA.  Did you see it on MJ's Sony site?  (If so, I have the screenshots from every country it was advertised on).  Was it somewhere else? Can you send me the information if you still have it or can find it?  Please email me at with the subject line Opus Reality Country (list the one you're from).

Damaged Opus & Replacements -

Who is still waiting for their replacement Opus?  If you haven't gotten one yet, have you actually contacted Kraken Opus UK and if so, have they replied?  If they did, when?  Please email me at with the subject line Damaged Opus Replacement Country (list the one you're from).

What other issues are there still? 

Ok, that's all on the Opus front for the moment till I get through some mail. 

PS.  Thanks to PattiAnn, I want to make my first rule for the blog-- this is a Justin Bieber-free zone.  LMAO  (Sorry, I'm sure he's cute and all but ... ugh.)  I'm pulling PattiAnn's leg.  That just cracked me up seeing his name on a blog for MJ!  still LMAO!


  1. glad you back ^^

    how are you doing? hope everything is good, specially your health,

    i sill have nothing in my hands. ^^


  2. KIB!!!!!! Thank you !!! Awwww crap. Thought for SURE you'd have your Opus by now. (cuss cuss).

    Much L.O.V.E.

  3. LMAO at your PS! I can't apologize enough for saying 'THAT' name on here! Maybe I wanted everyone else to feel my misery! My little one and I have compromised though... I let her listen to 1 of 'his' songs.. then we blast 2 MJ songs!

    So good to have you back!!!


  4. laughing.. I had to share that with everyone PattiAnn. I think the thing that makes me wonder is how "that" one can make Twitter Trends daily and MJ can't.

    It amazes me.

    Thanks! so happy to be back. I have missed you all so much!