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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ALERT: Extra TV having new "report" Thursday

Update (May 02, 2010):  Here is the Extra TV thread about Thursday's segment with video (see below).  TMZ has 2 interesting things about this Extra TV segment.  The first is Harvey Levin's thoughts Friday about the timing and motives of Arnie Klein's statement.  Watch the video clip below.  The second is a new post after TMZ talked to Arnie, where Arnie says he "did not betray Michael Jackson" with his comments AND that he and Jason both are receiving death threats. *eyeroll*  There are also 2 polls on that thread:  1 if you believe Jason's story.  2 if you think Arnie betrayed Michael.  Make your voice heard!

MJ fans:  Never is it acceptable to threaten to take the life of another, whether it be someone accused of killing another nor when they go on rag-television and make accusations (true or false). 

*end update*

Just watched Extra TV and they had a clip upcoming for Thursday about Michael.  The topic? 

Was Michael gay? 


They interview someone who says Michael kissed him. 

Here is web info for Extra TV
Main website
Michael's stories cued

Not sure what angle they are taking, but isn't it time to let Michael rest in peace?

Speak out on their Facebook page.  Here are all the Twitter pages they list. Please remember to be professional and courteous with your responses.  No matter what they say, we must always stand tall and proud for Michael, without hate and trash.

DAMN ARNIE KLEIN! I can't believe that Arnie Klein VALIDATED the story.  The person works for Klein...Jason somebody.



  1. Oh!!!...I absolutely agree with you Cali !!!...Im tired of all this BS !!!...Come on!!!, Michael is not here anymore!, and tabloids insist on talking nonsense about him!...
    I would like to see a little bit of RESPECT here...for Michael and for his family...
    Why dont they talk about Michaels charities...about Michaels humanity...I do know why they dont...because its all for money, and The Media is a big business, where good things and good people...dont sell, only sells scandals, yellow press and dirty laundry...
    I cant stand this kind of press...
    Let him rest in peace please...its time!

  2. Cali, I really need to talk to you. I will send you an email.



  3. LPPC.. I am in total agreement. I can't find their email address to write them. Really makes me mad-- I think it might be that guy that came out right after MJ passed. Guess we'll find out tomorrow, but I can't believe they would take the time to air it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Dancingirl!!! Hi sweetie! Yes, please send me an email. Would love to hear from you!

    Ok.. .time for me to ge toff this computer. I'm down to 130 emails YAY! More tomorrow. Tonight sleep.

    MUCH L.O.V.E. to everyone!

  4. Hey Cali- Velvet-

    We've Had enough!! Back to using Mj sing titles and lyrics again! Why can't the media for once be humane!!! They make me sooooo mad!

    Talked to the hospitals today, it's looking good! I'll let you all know how much money we raised tomorrow!! Im so excited!

  5. This is ridiculous. Omg.. I wish they would just let him be.

  6. "They interview someone who says Michael kissed him."
    Yeah,yeah,yeah,it's always the same old song which will turn to be like this story about Michael.It's from oh,Canada!Patti did you know about that?

    Velvet i agree 100% with you.Bad TV sells.
    But who is responsible for that?
    Is me,you and everyone who watches that kind of stuff.We give them the motivation to keep those tv programms "alive".And as Michael said:"Don't waste your cash on that filthy tabloid trash".
    Enough with all these discusting accusations.
    Get a life you...hoodlums!


  7. They are on Facebook and Twitter. Please let them know this is not acceptable.!/extra

    Today there will be a boycott on Twitter.

    -tweet #fight4mj to let Extra TV not to air this filth

  8. I agree with ALL of you... I hate the press... I hate tabloid junkies...

    I can't be more upset right now... WHY the press can't leave MJ and his family alone...

    I stopped reading and watching news related to entertainment in 1994-5 ... and, if I read it,I just see if it talks about junk-press or if something real... then, I can keep reading/watching...

    In fact, when MJ passed away and I first read the news (it was in facebook, a friend share a link of TMZ) I thought thta the press had lied again... then I put the TV on... CNN was talking about MJ... I had wished that for that time, the press was lying...

    For all of you... I recommend he song "Tabloid Junkie" LOL!!!

  9. lol @ Chantal about using MJ's music to answer. Actually, have you noticed that just about any topic, you can use his lyrics and song titles? Sometimes it really surprises me how many times I find myself thinking of replying to issues with his words.

    Tabloid Junkie! You got that right Paly! (Hi there sweetie!!!! How are you??? Oh how I miss talking to you like we used to!)

    PattiAnn! C'mon girl-- you are the best at the oneliners! Go get 'em!

    Volos! You are sooo very right! And love 'hoodlums'. Great name for them. I wonder if any of them really question themselves at night, in the dark, in silence, if they had any part of MJ's pain.

    Thank you to Annonymous for the Facebook page. I see that many MJ fans have also seen it! I swear, this is becoming a fulltime job for fans to protect Michael-- almost worse than when he was alive.

    I don't know if I can bare to watch the Extra segment tonight-- I might just to see what who it is that is speaking out-- but I will be sure to have nothing near me that I can throw at my tv when I get mad.

    I'm taping Aphrodite's show. She has always been so kind to Michael and so determined in ensuring the truth is told, rather than falsehoods.

    Ok... off to check emails and play around-- too much business stuff today. Ewwww.

    Much L.O.V.E. to all !!

  10. Cali, we are all so right !...Thanks God I cant watch it here!!...but I think I know who that guy who works for Klein is!...I have heard of him last year telling the same false story all around!...Poor Michael!...sorrounded by vampires that the only thing that they wanted was his money and fame...I love Michael with all my heart...however, the most I listen, the most I love and I miss him...
    Anyway to us the fans, to protect Michael is our commitment , and I knew that it will be harder after his dead...
    scavenging vultures began to appear everywhere...sad, I also wonder how could they sleep at night...
    Cali, please take it easy!...

  11. Well, I didn't see the show... didn't even look for it.. had no interest at all in more bullshit. I had heard this story about this Jason guy months ago so I guess it was nothing new.

    I can't believe Arnie Klein validated this story! Well...actually I can, I guess. He is such a skeeze! I get a kick out of how Arnie promotes himself as such a good friend to Michael..yet just keeps trying to make money off of MJ. I do believe though that Michael did feel Arnie was a true friend. After all, Michael did take that damn ugly green jacket from Arnie....probably because he was just too nice to tell Arnie he looked like a freaking leprechaun when he wore it! LOL

    Wonder if Arnie ever got it back... after he sued the estate for it? Moron.

    Take it easy, Cali! Any news from the UK?

  12. Hey Cali! Hope you are having a good, restful day!

  13. Hi everyone!!!

    Hi PattiAnn. I did have a busy day yesterday. Woke up to my little doggie having a scratched eye (ewwww...) and the white of his eye was red from blood. *faints* So i took him to the vet and have been pampering him last night and today. Poor lil guy.

    I also got another puppy a while back (a rescue dog) ... he's 7 months old and is starting to be a handful now that he's getting used to everything. (Oh joy!) He loves to eat-- rocks, bugs, tree branches, leaves, toy noses and eyes, dirt. (Hmmm, wonders about his

    Also had a few minutes this morning to catch up on a few updates on posts here-- the one about Aphrodite Jones' show (see above thread with video and links to watch the whole thing for those who don't get Investigative Discovery channel and those outside the US who couldn't watch it. I hope you can see all the videos.

    Also, here I found the Extra TV videos and embedded them as well as a clip from TMZ Live last Friday after Arnie Klein made his (bleep bleep) comments validating that Jason's story. There is also a new thread on TMZ after they spoke with Arnie yesterday about WHY he was so (bleep bleep) set on making his statements now -- his reasoning is mega faulty!

    As for the "claim"-- I remember this guy Jason "came out" last year right after Michael died. It was stupid then and stupid now. I don't care if Michael was gay or not-- I would love him no matter what. But Arnie's claim to say he didn't betray Michael with his recent comments, as well as this Jason guy's comments, are unbelievable!

    Arnie Klein YOU DID BETRAY MICHAEL! Sorry, but he was always VERY private about his personal life and you have NO RIGHT to make those claims, true or not, in public. And to further validate your reasoning by saying this *proves* Michael wasn't a pedophile is STUPID. First of all, the claims were made about BOYS. DUH! So saying he was gay and wasn't interested in boys... is like leading Michael's memory to the lion's den at feeding time. STUPID STUPID STUPID! Keep quiet. It's better that NOTHING be said, than stupid stupid comments like the last one you made about Michael liking to pee in front of people in a cup.

    Ok, I think my rant is over. LOL Oh, that just makes me so mad.

    But again, I'll say here, that I think anyone who makes threats to Klein, Jason or even Murray are in the wrong. That does not show the LOVE we have for Michael and he would NOT want any of his fans being associated with that. Allow the truth to come out in the time the universe wants it. IT WILL HAPPEN... just KEEP THE FAITH!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  14. HI Cali.
    As i see from your latests posts,you're in train again!lol
    Have you totally recovered?Hope you have.
    And what about those emails?Finished?
    (am i asking too many questions?)

    Well i have to agree in everything you said above.
    I would believe that
    Michael was gay,if and only if,HE stated that.After all those accusations that have heard about him the past years,from any kind of people(including Latoya)i just can't believe anyone anymore.
    Arnie Klein a loyal friend?
    What's the use of enemies if you have such friends? business are going mr Klein now that your main "sponsor" has left?
    As for the Jason...whatever?
    IF Michael was a gay then i would expect from him(MJ)to have a better
    Sorry for my last comment but i couldn't help myself!:)

    BTW where are you pround members of IACOP(as my friend Velvet says).Have you forgat that we have a club over here and it needs your
    regular attendance and support?
    Well,i'll be here to remind you that...until i forget it myself.hihihi!!!
    I'll call Velvet to write down your absences!

    Have a beautiful day or night(i don't really know i'm confused with all those time differences)and i hope to hear from all of you soon.
    Cali i wish your dog recover well as its boss did!!!(or didn't yet?)And we're KEEPING THE FAITH to see you again at max-jax.:)
    Greetings and much love too,to our president!


  15. Hey Cali! Thanks for the links! I hadn't checked TMZ to hear Harvey's comments, or Arnie's BS yet, so this is great.

    Hope your doggie's eye is OK! Poor thing. and it sounds like your puppy is quite a handful!

    About your rant.. all I can say is DITTO!!!

  16. Hey Patti did you go to the show or didn't yet?
    Did you use K.O.T.for your tsansportation?:D


  17. LOL @ Volos! Yes, I went to the show. So obviously did NOT use K.O.T. .. since I made it there and home already! HaHaHa!

  18. Sorry Cali!!! I know you probably don't have time to check our yakking on max jax. K.O.T. is Kraken Opus Travel... we posted links to our home towns... and it just went from there! LOL
    Goth said it best "Kraken Opus is the best travel agency - you book a trip to a city close to you - and end up on a round the world trip. Unless you end up on the London-Russia shuttle instead, that one stinks."

  19. @Volos, Im right here! take notes of the absences!...
    @Patti...haha!! KOT...if you want to travel worldwide, go to KOT, they offer you tickets with an unknown return date! HAHA!
    @Cali,regarding this guy talking nonsense, well I just going to say only one thing: HUMAN MISERY...
    HUGGIES TO ALL !!!, and take care that baby doggie Cali!!!

  20. Of interesting note-- I just checked the Facebook page for Extra TV and notice they have NOTHING about this story on their page any longer. I wonder if it had to do with all the MJ fans who spoke out against their story. Also, I watched the next day since they mentioned another MJ story to follow the next day (can't remember the topic-- but wasn't this) ... and I think they never aired that segment.

    All I can say is GREAT job MJ fans. It is really time the media stops using MJ to raise their ratings and selling papers. The two ways I know how-- one is to not purchase their papers, and the second don't watch their shows. Having one person to report back to many is a way to still see what is being said, but not rewarding them with ratings.

    As for Jason what's-his-name, I do remember seeing something shortly after MJ died. I think Klein was in on that topic too-- I'll try to find the previous story.

    Joe and Jermaine have both spoken out against this -- Jermaine saying Klein is full of sh*t. Joe adamantly denying any truth to this at all.

    What a mess! Shame on Klein for even thinking this would be of any help to Michael and his legacy. Let alone his children. I wish he'd just stick to his dermatology business and stop trying save Michael's reputation.

    *sigh* Rant over... for now. LOL
    But that's me...

    Much L.O.V.E.