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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trijntje Oosterhuis covers MJ

Thank you Raymond for sending these beautiful songs from a wonderful Dutch artist. 

I think everyone will really enjoy listening to them. 

On the album ''Never Can say Goodbye'' you will find the following tracks :

1. Never can say goodbye
2. Baby be mine
3. Music & Me
4. Lady in my life
5. I want you back
6. One day in your life
7. I just can't stop loving you
8. Don't stop till you get enough/working day & night/ wanna be startin' somethin'
9. Can't help it
10. Rock with you
11. Human Nature
12. Gone too soon
13. I'll be there 
14. You were there

Up next... beautiful Russian singer covers Earth Song.  Are there artists in your country who cover any of MJ's songs that you'd like to share?  Tributes others have done with MJ's music?  Please share the links here or email me at

Much L.O.V.E. and I hope you enjoy these.  Again, thank you for sharing these with me and everyone, Raymond!


  1. Wow!! Beautiful!!! She sings very beautiful...

    I like to hear MJ's cover sung with such a nice voice...


    BTW... The crazy-opus-family miss you!!

  2. Beautiful, with much L.O.V.E !...
    Its good to hear such nice voices making covers of Michaels songs in such respectful way!
    Wonderful !...Thanks Raymond and thanks Cali !
    BTW...The crazy-opus-family miss you !!!...
    ( I know Paly said the same before...but...WE MISS YOU CPC IACOP President !! ) HAHA!

  3. Hey guys, Her own songs are pretty good too, she used to be with a band total touch, you should youtube it :):) She is very nice, i saw her live last year on a company outing!

    She is also part of a big tribute here on the 25th (unfortunately im from the "competition" they are asking 45 euro's for tickets and we are doing a free event)

  4. She's super!!!I have never liked others singing M.J's music, as much as I liked her.She is really great!!! I'd like to cover some M.J's songs ....:)but I'm too shy to publish them.There are so many good artists who sing much more better than me,so I prefer to be just mute:)

    P.S How does her name sound? It's too difficult for me to pronounce.Actually, I don't even know how to pronounce:D

    Much love to u Cali


  5. Fantastic music, fantastic singer! And yes, check out her other songs -- they're also great.
    For A.G., you may go to this link for the pronunciation of her name:

    By the way, she writes about MJ's concert in Amsterdam, how she felt when she heard of his passing, etc. in her website

    MJ truly lives on in his music!