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Friday, April 23, 2010

Laugh for the day

This is a line from a fan's email to Kraken Opus UK back in January about the OR passcodes that were sent via email.  Problem is, the fan still didn't (then or doesn't now) have her Opus. 


"Please send it soon otherwise I pray that MJ's spirit will moonwalk nonstop in your premises, closest to Andrew Clay's desk. No password needed."


In other news, many of you have recently located a website showing Karl Fowler as a "Wanted Man".  The site references a business dealing with a company in the US who was asked by Karl Fowler himself to make custom bookstands for another Kraken Opus project.  Karl asked for them to be a rush order, and then Karl STIFFED Mr. Parker out of over $18,000.

Here's the website for those who haven't yet seen it.  You will also see my blog referenced in the latter part of Mr. Parker's. 

..........the list goes on!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! so funny that email!!!...OMG!!!...
    I will join it to the " call the police " one !...HAHA!!...I will laugh for years to come with them !!...
    Oh! the "Wanted " poster...finally!!!...
    I think I will print it and put lots of them all around the city! HAHA!!!...

  2. I got that mail, too.
    and the same, I still dreaming to my OPUS....

    I love that one..... No password needed.