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Monday, December 21, 2009

OPUS: Timeline and documentation - August

UPDATE: 01/07/10: Focus since this posting has been on delivery therefore months Sept through Dec have not been formalized. Please see this post, Updates by Country and this post Summary of Opus threads for more information. Any questions, please email me at  *added 01/07/10

*Post Still in Progress*
This is to provide a timeline since Michael Jackson's Official Opus was announced in August of the promises, advertisements and changes that were slipped in. It should suffice as documentation to any news organization or consumer agency you file a complaint with. Screen-grabs are being taken of all mentioned articles in the event they disappear or change - as some have been!

There will be a post for each month beginning with this one for August. If you have anything to add, please leave a link in the comments, or email me through my profile here or on Michael's Official site.
August 12, 2009 Press Release: Source: Kraken Opus Website

Direct quotes:
The Official Michael Jackson Opus has the full support, contractual cooperation and endorsement of the Michael Jackson Estate. This means that in keeping with other Kraken Opus publications the Michael Jackson Opus will have exclusive and rare unseen content, making the publication unique and a must have for all Michael Jackson fans around the world.

Opus Reality™
To add to this experience, a special Michael Jackson Opus Reality™ card is included with each Opus that, when placed in front of a webcam, will reveal exclusive interactive footage in a 3D experience that will be updated exclusively for Official Michael Jackson Opus owners.
Pre-orders being taken now
A Special Edition Opus normally retails for between £400 and £500. However, in recognition of the fact that not all of Michael’s millions of fans had the chance to see him in concert, we have decided to make this unique publication accessible to all his fans around the world for the very special pre-order price of just £109/$165.

Special offer until 30th September 2009
This is a limited time offer, valid until 30th September 2009. After that date, orders will still be accepted but the special price will no longer be guaranteed.
End Quote.
Pertains to: Estate Endorsement, Reality Card, Pre-Order price limited time, Pictures of 2 gloves & Pull-out "gatefold" of Memorial Wall. Shows bookcover red with different MJ pose and clamshell black.
(click to enlarge screen-grabs)


Screen-grabs from NBC's Today show site with written article about interview conducted by Al Roker with Karl Fowler, CEO Opus Media which aired nationally on August 12, 2009. Source (click to enlarge screen-grabs)

Air Date: August 12, 2009.

Confirmation email from Ticketmaster dated Aug 15, 2009 (personal information removed)


  1. I received my OPUS and the clamshell is Red with a dance pose, not the This-Is-It pose,and the book is BLACK, completely opposite of the pics you have and their (Kracken) advertising. In the screen shot you posted with the clamshell open, what is that white item opposite the red book (on the left)? I didn't get that whatever it is. You are gonna need 2 gloves to hold this heavy(26 pounds) book up in front of a computer and I only got 1. I ordered 2 OPUSES, do you know if they will send 2 codes for the 3-D interactive stuff. I bet after 90 days we will have to pay to access this interactive website.They say that a sample will be ready in late January, which tells me that the website wasn't ready when they started selling the book. Also they probably didn't have full licensing right to the TII image of Michael Jackson, Sony Entertainment owns part of the right to that image.This is a complete fraud before thought.Plus it was printed in CHINA, were you can get pirated knockoffs of all of MJ's work(Cd's, DVD's of concerts, clothes, etc.)

  2. Hi bcperk

    I haven't finished posting Sept Oct Nov Dec -- somewhere obviously they changed the design to Red clamshell and black book, with the Ink drawing instead of TII. Let me ask you, is your clamshell 'silk'? I think you are talking about the picture with the gloves (white thing). Did you not get gloves - not even one/book? The other white thing in the pics in this post was the pull out centerfold of Michael's Memorial wall that the fans signed in LA. It was supposed to be in the book-- but I hear it is not. Since you might have purchased the 2nd Opus as a gift, yes, the expectation is that EVERY Opus should have its OWN card for the Opus Reality/3D. So yes-- you didn't pay for 2 books, 1 access.

    Printed in China? Oh heavens.

    Some people are saying there are errors in it also. When (if) I ever get my book, I, along with other fans, will be going through it for accuaracy. We will start posting some of the information on another post-- so if you happen to see any, please come back and post the ERROR and PAGE NUMBER.

    I feel sorry for anyone who takes on a MJ project. His fans expect the best for him and are cranky when we get the run around. But if you take on a project, you should do it right from the start so that's not why I'm sorry for them-- it is that there are SO MANY OF US TO DEAL WITH! lmao

  3. bcperk:

    I just realized what you were referring to the 'white object'.. it looks like a phamplet or booklet of sorts. You're right!

    The list goes on. :(