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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

REPost: IACOP Pets with Owners!!!

Original post date June 23, 2010.  RE-posted June 27th.  With owners:  June 30th.

Ok, I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did with not only some of the pictures of your pets, but what you wrote me.  OMG!  You all are crazy funny!

Even though some of you may know the answers because I am more than a little late on posting these, shhh for those of us who don't know.

Can you guess what pets belong to what blog members here?  Ohhh, I think you might be a little surprised at some of them!

Give your answers below in comments.  Remember, to view larger- just click the picture.
Susanna's kitty Brad
Volos' Octo-Opus - ROFLMAO!

Goth's bunny, Tufflan, who is in heaven with MJ.  *hugs*
Paly's baby, Anaik.  So precious!
Velvet's little adorable Connie.  So sweet!!!!  Love the hat!
Anita's kitty in a tree!  Cute cute cute!
Goth's carpet beetle.  Another hoot of a picture!
Anita's little precious kitties on the stairs.
Susanna's kitty Brad again... so handsome
Volos' Ostrich ...lmao!
Cali's pup--with something in his mouth he's not to have..thus guilty look and mud on his nose.
Goth's Dust Bunny... oh I laughed so hard at this one!
A PJ party, starring Anita's kitties and sweaters. 
PattiAnn & Haley's Pet ROCK, Sally... OH SO CLEVER!
Cali's yard baby bunny-- a wild one
Cali's pup again, trying to fit in his little brother's bed.. I laughed so hard!
Goth's little Tufflan again.  Awwww.

LPPC's (Velvet) little Connie.  At first I thought she was in Hawaii with flowers in her hair.  TOO cute!
Cali's Fish-- Just something cute I'd seen in a store.
Lulu's cutie, little Diego.  SO adorable.  LOVE this picture!
Cali's yard frog hiding in her fence.
Susanna's kitty Brad again, hiding behind the couch.  One of Cali's favorites.
PattiAnn and Haley's Pet Rock, Sally taking a snooze in her cute bed.
Paly's sweet baby, Lenka, who is in heaven with Tufflan and MJ too.
Cali's yard dragonfly.
Cali's yard Blue Jay.
Volos' turtle
Cali's pup looking so innocent while napping-- which is the only time he's innocent!
Cali's Robin.. goes bop bop boppin along-- Had to put this up for MJ
Chantal's little adorable babies, striking a pose for sure!
Another sweet shot of Paly's baby, Anaik.

Ok, I think I messed up somewhere-- not all of the pictures I posted are still here.  UGH.  So here are the ones that disappeared somewhere along the way.  Sooo sorry about that everyone!

Lulu's little Diego, sitting so proud.  Adorable!

Susanna's little starlet, Brad.

And I KNOW I posted this one in the baby stroller.  PattiAnn & Haley... Absolutely precious!



  1. Did I miss anyone's pets? Please email me if I did!


  2. LMAO!! Love the pink bird and the fish!! haha!

    I see Connie!! and Paly's puppy!! and a whole heck of a lot of inner bunnies!!! lmao

    Who belongs to the big brown doggie... ?? so cute!

  3. Am I going crazy? Wasn't there a pic of a pink bird ornament thing in a garden?? (IACOP) LOL...stop messing with my head, Cali!! hahaha!

  4. LMAO!!!...Love all of them!!!...they are all sooo cute !!!...
    I see Palys puppy!, I see Goths inner bunnies!,I see Calis big puppy !, ( but its difficult !! )...
    HAHA!!...I wonder who the potatoe pet belongs? it a potatoe pet right ? it yours girl above me?...haha!! ( Patti??)...hello!!!...
    OH!...i also see Volos kittens!...( are yours right??)...IACOP proud member !...

  5. HAHAHA!!!...EASY Patti you are not crazy!! was in fact a pic of a pink bird ornament thing in a garden...haha!!!...but not any more!...
    Cali !!!...we are already crazy enough!!...haha!!

  6. yes there was a flamingo but it was the wrong pic. Lmao. Cali

  7. Cali? you're in stealth mode!

  8. hahaha!...Patti !!!.... :)....
    She is not she here...shhhhhhh!!!!...haha!!!
    love you both sillies!...haha!! ;)

  9. Lmao patti. Turned my computer off and sitting on my duff, err, couch. Too lazy to sign in from my new phone. Haha.

    Night night.
    Love you all

  10. Hello Cali, I' m very happy to see my Brad on your blog. I love animals and I want to say that our little friends are all beautiful!!
    Much L.O.V.E Susanna

  11. Hi Susanna! Yes your Brad is there!

    Hello everyone!
    There are also 2 new ones posted. Keep them coming-- but I dodn't see any guesses for the ones you don't know who they belong to.

  12. Take that back.. 3 new ones!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  13. K.. here I go!

    My guesses:
    ~ Volos belongs to the kitties on the bed
    ~ Velvet belongs to the doggie with the cute hat.... and with the pink flowers
    ~ Cali belongs to the BIG brown dog and the puppy that is too big for his bed! lmao
    ~ Paly belongs to the gorgeous big white dog
    ~ Susanna's Brad is ..ummm... the kitty at the top? or maybe the dog in the yellow shirt? or maybe the dragonfly?? lol....
    ~ Bunny #2 and #4 (I think they are the same bunny!) belong to Goth (?)
    ~ The dust bunny (lmao!) belongs to Volos... or maybe to Goth.. or maybe both of them!
    ~ The kitties on the step are Lulu's, the kitty behind the couch is Renata's (???) HaHa! I have NO idea!

    Oh.. this is hard!! Two of my guesses I know are right FOR SURE! The rest...just guesses,no clue at all!

  14. Ha, ha the ostrich.... wish it was mine!
    I recognise Paly's beautiful Anaik.... and maybe the Sibirian husky(?) is Paly's old dog...
    Then of course little Connie, in hat and pink flowers - Velvet's darling
    I guess the brown labrador(?) is yours, Cali, and maybe the little sweetie with the yellow jumper too..
    I guess BRAD is the turtle, Susanna
    And Patti.... maybe the... hm... wathever it is...clay figures... LOL...are yours and Haley's
    But then I have to pick some cats or kittens for you Volos.... or maybe the dragon fly... LOL
    For the rest... I'm lost!
    But I see my ex-pet and my present ones.... LOL.

  15. Lunch brake....hmmmm...Ill do my bets !....
    Volos belongs to the kitties on the bed...
    Paly belongs to the sweetie big white dog...
    Goth belongs to the bunnies...dust bunnie also!...
    Cali belongs to the big brown doggie, and to one gorgeos who is too big for his bed!!
    Patti belongs to the potatoe pet???...
    Lulu belongs to the kittens on the step...???...
    or may be Renata...???...
    oh!...all are so adorable!!!...the white doggie in the window!!...the kitten behind the sofa!!...haha!!!...but no idea!!!!....
    Im just as Patti on this!!!...2 or 3 for sure!!...but the rest...NO IDEA !!!...

  16. Hmmmmmmmm lets see!
    Top cat - Chantal's?
    Goth has all the bunnies except that grey one in the leaves
    Paly has the snow-white Anaik.
    Velvet owns that little famous-horse eating like- Connie!Lulu must have kitties.Which ones really don't know maybe those on stairs.
    Patti does Haley know that you're playing with her toys?
    Renata should have that Alsatian 'doggie'
    Susanna maybe owns the little white dog with the yellow shirt.
    As for our president has the longest list of animals i guess - the brown dog
    -the frog
    -the dragon fly
    -the grey rabbit in the leaves
    -the orange birdy
    and the pot :o fish!

  17. I have to apologize to...." the potatoe puppet"...
    Well...Im so sorry ...I didnt mean it...really...
    a birdie told me that her name so sorry Sally !! are not a are just beautiful my darling!...
    BAD VELVET... :(...
    So, I think Sally belongs to Patti !!!... ;)

  18. Here goes:
    Volos – black and white husky (?)
    Velvet – little dog with pink flowers
    Susana – kittie peeking behind pillows
    Renata – black and white puppy with striped cap
    Patti – brown dog
    Paly – kitties on stairs
    Goth – big white dog
    Cali – kitties on the bed, dragonfly, birds, worm, turtle and frog

    Oh boy, this is tough! When do we know the answers, Cali??? Or maybe we each own up one day, with a line describing our pets? But whatever, let’s make that soon.

  19. Hint: My daughter is scared of dogs!

    Did I get any right, Cali??? this is HARD!!

  20. Hi everyone, I have seen beautiful pets... a little bit difficult to know which ones belongs to whom...! Mine are also there, but I can guess that the big dogs, frog, dragons, and the exotic ones belong definitively to the men, maybe Volos belongs the potatoe puppe , the small ones belong to the women... I cannot specify... so hard!!!
    I am a new member of the club, I followed yours for a long...
    Anita from Quito

  21. A new one has been posted-- sorry, I missed that one in my emails!

    I am laughing at all the guesses so far. You all are so funny.

    Since we are focused on Michael, likely through the weekend, I want to wait until next week to actually post the answers (plus I need to make up an answer sheet. LOL)

    So let's say, put in your guesses here-- till next Wednesday. I'll bump this thread to the top on Sunday morning.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  22. Since I forgot Chantal completeley in my first list of guesses (Sorry Chantal!!), I'm gonna guess that the 2 dogs in the new pic are hers!!

  23. I am still laughing at all the guesses. Since I put the pictures up in random order, if I give it another day/two, I will have forgotten who belongs to who-- (well, except one or and then I'll make my guesses. After that, then I'll make the answer list up.

    If you still want to send pictures, feel free!

    Much L.O.V.E. to you all ... off to get ready for weekly breakfast with the girls.


  24. ooops..and hello Anita!!! How are you sweetie?

    Be sure to check back in a few days to see the answers to these.. ok?


  25. Hi all! Yes, me too vote for the two little new fellows to belong to Chantal. And I think the fish belongs to Volos.

  26. Oh.. I agree!!! I think the fish belongs to Volos!!!haha

  27. The turtle belongs to volos!, and the two little new fellows to Chantal!!!...
    and the small white doggie by the cali! the frog,the fish and birds!!...

  28. OK... after hours of research and Skyping, Velvet and I have decided that Cali's dogs are the little one in the yellow shirt, and the brown puppy that is too big for his bed! LOL

  29. And maybe the big brown dog is Brad! Hahaha! How many guesses do we get at this game??

  30. Keep guessing everyone! We will have till Wednesday!

    LMAO at the answers. You can guess as many times as you want.

  31. Hello to you all!
    I enjoy watching our little friends all together....they are so funny, so cute...very very sweet....and this is wonderful!
    Much L.O.V.E

  32. This is my LAST guess!! Promise!! haha!

    Velvet - cute little dog in the striped hat and in the flowers
    Goth - The dust bunny (lol) and the other 2 bunnies at the top.
    Paly - Beautiful big white dog ... and the black and white one too!
    Volos - the turtle and the ostrich!!
    Cali - the cutie in the yellow shirt and the big (TALL) puppy.. lol, also the robin, the fish, the bunny by the fence, the dragon fly, the frog .. and maybe the carpet beetle! lol
    Susanna - the BIG brown dog
    Lulu - the 2 kitties on the stairs
    Chantal - the 2 little doggies at the bottom
    Anita - the kitties on the bed
    Renata - the kitty behind the pillows

    Hahaha! This is just tooooo funny! And the topic of much discussion on Skype between some of us IACOP members.. trying to figure this out! LOL

  33. ...and now I am switching the black and white dog from Paly to Renata... and I have no idea who the kitty behind the pillows may belong to.

    K.. that's my very last guess!!! hahahahaha!

  34. Hahaha! Velvet suggested the prize can be a one way ticket by Kraken travel! I don't wanna win!! lol

  35. Hi Cali and dear IACOPs friends. I switched my earlier guesses a bit to these:
    Volos-black and white husky (?)
    Velvet-little dog with pink flowers
    Susana-kittie peeking behind pillows
    Renata-black and white puppy with striped cap
    Patti-kitties on the bed
    Paly-kitties on stairs
    Goth-big white dog
    Cali-Brown and black dogs together in photo, brown dog, dragonfly, birds, worm, turtle and frog

    I want the one-way ticket to Kraken. Don't mind paying for the return. Of course, will make sure I have extra nails with me.

    Cali, are you missing again? Hope all is well with you, as well as for everyone, IACOPs or non-IACOPs, all MJ fans! L.O.V.E.

  36. I was going to suggest something Opus related too... lmao. Perhaps exclusive videos on something called Opus Reality.

    oh wait-- that's a no-go. Darn, back to drawing board!

  37. LMAO @Lulu! Nails! Ha ha.

    Maybe it could be a round-trip to a certain Garden in the UK. Nails provided once you land.


  38. HaHaHa Lulu!!

    Cali, if you can't pull off the trip to the UK, I can donate this really cute reality...errr ... postcard of MJ I received in the mail as the prize. I have 3 of them now!! LOL

  39. And in case I win, I want a non-stop flight ticket pls. ASAP!!! I want Patti's reality postcard as well since it's not likely the Opus will have it as promised.(Oh boy, here we go again...what Kraken does to us nice people.)

  40. HMMMMM...I guess a good prize would be a ticket to certain British Garden...with a big bag full with all our nails ( every nail with its owners name on it )...because the one who win...would be the one who would go there to draw some piece of art in someones ( BB ) little face!, in the name of all of us!...haha!...hmmmm...scisors hands...would be another good prize with the ticket....
    Just guessing... ;)

  41. 3 CARDS?YOU......!!!!!
    I think the one was going for me but they messed the addresses,i guess(once more)
    Patti why don't you sell the two of them on ebay as unique pieces of art they are?They will become a turnaway!(is that the right word or my dictionary still sucks?)
    As for the prize Cali,why don't you ask from Nate Giorgio to draw you something with the logo
    KRAKEN SUCKS...*Imagine of the drawing...hmmm that it would be tempting*
    Ooops are we wayyyyy out of topic?
    KRAKEN - PETS!Don't think so!
    Kraken (oct)opus!Related!

  42. Lulu forgot to ask you...still waiting?
    Oooo!!!what am i asking?
    I'll hear it on the NEWS if you will receive PET.:)
    *stupid me*

  43. LMAO @ the newest pet just posted. ROFLMAO. GOOOD one!

    Ok, I've got to start a roast for dinner-- then I'll be back to the make the answers for all the pets and see who is the closest.

    I think the winner should get a ... golly, let me think on a good prize. lmao

    You all are the best! Much L.O.V.E.

  44. HAHAHA!!!!....Volos!!!...I can see the oct(opus ) here naw !!!!!....hahaha!!!!!...
    Thanks Cali !...for founding Volos oct(opus )....LMAO!...
    hmmmm....and someone here have been guessing and guessing...( Sallies owner: No more guesses!...time out!! )...haha!!

  45. LOL @ that octopus!! haha!
    It belongs to ...... VOLOS! lmao!!

  46. oh.. Hi Velvet!! *waves* Hahahaha!! You thought I wouldn't guess in time... fooled ya!! muaahhhhahahaha!!

  47. HAHA!!!!...Patti!....I have kidnapped Sally!...if you wanted to see her again...I hope you later tonight in Skypeland!....BOOOOOOO!!!!...
    Im BAD...very BAD !!!!...muahhhhhhhahahaha!!!!...
    haha!!... fooled ya!!...woo-hoo !! ;)

  48. Ha, ha! I have been away for one day and I'm totally lost.... But obviously Volos has an octopus LOL! Holy moly! And the turtle too, I guess....
    And that little cute grey bunny better NOT belong to any of you, Velvet, Volos, Patti, Paly, Nytram, Chantal.... the ones in the bunny church... LOL because if you own such a sweet inner bunny in real life, without telling me, your bunny-crazy friend, I will get MAD! LOL

  49. Whew, Chantal, you posted just in time.. lmao! I was putting the owners with the pets while you were typing that. HA HA

    Actually, that cute little bunny was one born in my yard this year. It's the only time it was out so I snapped some fast shots. They are sooo cute.

    So everyone enjoy-- the answers are underneath the pictures now. See how close you got!

    I still have to think of a prize! (no nails- that's not good enough for our little precious ones!)

    Much L.O.V.E.

  50. Wow, at least I got some of them right... Proud to figure out that Lenka was your old dog, Paly.

    Sorry Susanna for making your sweet kitten Brad into a turtle... LOL. Oups, sorry about your turtle Volos, it is sweet too... rather... but the ostrich - I love it! Actually I adore all the pets!

  51. Goth, don't worry...all the pets....are beautiful....turtle too...I like and I love all animals! I really enjoyed reading your comments!
    Kisses all you...and a big thanks to Cali...
    Much L.O.V.E

  52. HAHA!!!...Volos!!!...ROFLMAO! your pets!....well you are original my friend!!...I understand naw why you skype in your bathroom darling!!! crowded apartment!!...haha!!...Susana your kitten is so sweet!!...
    Lulu!!!!...Diego is so handsome !!
    Paly and her sweet Anaik!...and lovely Lenka in heaven...
    Chantal!..what a pair those little brothes!!
    Goth!!!...Tufflan was sooooo cute!!!...
    Patti...well...ROFLMAO at Sally!!!...haha!!
    Cali!!!...well let me tell you that all of your pets have been topic of a long discussion at Skypeland....hard investigative work...and deliverables....haha!...the only one that all IACOPs had for sure were your sweet big "monster"...owwwwww!!!!..that face !!!!,he is soooo cute!!...
    All are so sweet and lovely!!!...( even Sally! )...haha!!...

  53. Cali! So glad to find out that the bird was a blue jay! the birdwatcher Goth spent a long time searching the net to find out what bird that was. Certainly no specie we have up here. It looked wonderful.

  54. LMAO!!! Well... I guessed so much that I think I may have got everyones pet right at one point!! hahaha.... Or not!!!!

    My FAVORITE pet is Volos Oct-Opus!! hahahaha!! too too funny! (though Volos will tell you it belongs to Karl, not to her!)

    Oh.. this was SO much fun! Thanks Cali! ♥

  55. IACOP pets are all so lovable, cute, handsome, funny, etc.!!! Thanks for this great idea, Cali -- what fun (even if I think I had a really low score)!!