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Monday, June 21, 2010

Katherine says thank you ..... LaToya visits Bubbles


By the way-- the event she talks about is June 26th, yet ETOnline has in the written portion June 25th.  Doh.

... and LaToya goes to Florida to visit Bubbles.  Animal Planet special Michael and Bubbles:  The Untold Story to run June 22, 2010.  See more video here on ETOnline

Animal Planet (June 17, 2010) A Buddy Named Bubbles: Michael's Most Faithful Friend

What I want to know-- what was the results of the autopsies on MJ's Giraffes in Arizona? 
Jan 15, 2010 InsideEdition
Jan 13, 2010 TMZ
Jan 12, 2010 The PETA Files  (Sent update request re: autopsies 6/21/10)

Two other giraffes from Neverland (Princess and Annie Sue) in 2009 in AZ


  1. Katherines message was nice.. she is such a sweet lady. LaToya's visit to Bubbles ????? just odd. and what did happen to those giraffes?? I had forgotten about them....

  2. Apparently so had the news-- forgotten about the giraffes. I wrote the PETA blog and asked if they knew about the results of the autopsy. Hopefully they'll write back. We'll see.

  3. Katherine message,so nice and loving...she is a great woman...but...Latoya...odd...odd...weird...
    just look at Bubbles watching at saying...WTF ????....
    I follow Patti on this:...POOR BUBBLES !!!...LMAO

  4. PETA again Cali, and tell them that someone will probably go to visit the giraffes...or the autopsy report!...LMAO...

  5. Did after all Bubbles spit at LaToya,as the animal expert said?Who knows!
    I would like to see her reaction though!LOL