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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Rose for Michael- June 25th

There are many people coordinating flowers being sent to Michael on Friday, but two this blog has primarily focused on.  One is and the other has been One Rose for MichaelYou can still purchase flowers from the Sunflower site in order to have them delivered Friday.  Here is the latest donor list from One Rose for Michael-- and after taking a quick pass through, I see many
readers names from this blog on it.  How wonderful!

Honestly, I can not wait to see the thousands and thousands of flowers as they are delivered Friday.  TMZ mentioned they will be livestreaming from Forest Lawn on Friday (according to a TMZ Live this week) so I am hoping they will be close enough to show the global outpouring of L.O.V.E. that will be sent this week.

May God continue to keep Michael's children, family and all of Michael's fans under His protection and care, today and all the days yet to come.

We truly miss you Michael.
With L.O.V.E.


  1. Just ordered some sunflowers and had purchased my roses a bit ago. FYI - the cut-off for purchasing roses from One Rose for Michael was June 17. Not sure how many roses they ended up with... on June 8 there was over 3000!! Wow! Should be beautiful...and a fitting tribute.

  2. Thanks Patti for the heads up on ORFM-- I didn't know they had a cutoff. I changed the post a bit.

    Honestly it really should be beautiful and I hope all his celebrity star-friends send flowers to him too! They can afford HUGE bouquets.

  3. Hello Cali
    How are you??I miss you so much and I'm so sorry to be away for such a long time.I've been real busy with my studies.But today is the day when I just forget everything and think only about Michael and his fans all over the world.This is the day of mourning and praying for his soul.Even today I still can't believe he isn't here with us ......:'(:'(:'( And recollect last year's shock, when I was looking at the TV with my jaw dropped and eyes full of tears... We have special event in Georgia, Tbilisi for Michael, as well as in lots of countries. So, Cali I was thinking it would be a great idea to post all the posters of Michael Jackson event in different countries.I'll send you mine and try to find other's too. What do you think?

    With SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU !!!


  4. 3000 roses were delivered yesterday from One Rose for Michael...25 buckets of 120 red roses each...!/photo.php?pid=31300306&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=112633555419436&aid=-1&id=1013474159&oid=112633555419436&fbid=1438099385167

  5. A.G.!!!!

    Oh how I missed hearing from you my dear! How are you? Please try to write more often ok? I know everyone misses hearing from you!

    Yes, that would be lovely to send the posters you find. I will put them up-- just email them to me and tell me where they are from. If you have a link I can put up with each, that would be great too (I like to make sure everyone gets proper credit--and so I don't get in trouble. LOL)

    MUGH L.O.V.E. to you my dear. PLEASE come visit MORE!

    PS. How is your Opus?

  6. Hey Cali

    I'll try dear :)
    Here's the link of our event poster!/photo.php?pid=30772654&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=100000285328205&id=1140337593

    Here's another one I found!/photo.php?pid=288794&id=100000285328205

    They are very beautiful :) Now I'm hurring to our event.I'll write as soon as I come :*:*:*