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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy 2 for 1 Sunflowers for Michael

According to, the florist that delivered thousands of sunflowers to Michael last month after LMP asked fans to send them, has an offer especially for MJ fans.

Purchase 1 Sunflower for $5, and they will make it two and deliver them with a personal message.

Hurry- not sure how long this offer will last.  Buy yours here

Thank you Angel for the heads up on Twitter!


  1. So pity... Russia is not in the list of countries...

  2. Renata, what list of countries? ARe you talking about this sunflower story or the WATW-R list on the right?

    If it's the list on the right-- I'm still working on it-- just started it the other day- if you have any organizations where people can send donations-- please email them to me so I can get them posted.

    That list will end up being a very very long list.

    MUCH L.O.V.E. to you my dear Renata-- sweet angel.